iPhone5s sells more than twice as much as iPhone5c

iPhone5s sells more than twice as much as iPhone5c According to foreign media reports, at the last Apple conference call to interpret financial reports, analysts asked whether Apple CEO Tim Cook worried about the near-saturation of high-end smartphone market. Cook replied that he did not worry. He does not agree with the high point of the high-end smartphone market. He said: "I don't believe this point."

Cook has full use of this view. According to a newly published analysis report from the US market research company Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), Apple released two new iPhone smart phones in September this year, the flagship iPhone 5s and the mid-range iPhone 5c. The high-end iPhone 5s sells more than the mid-range iPhone 5c.

According to CIRP’s survey of consumers who bought new iPhones in the last few days of September, iPhone 5s accounted for 64% of all iPhone sales in September. The iPhone 5c accounted for only 27%. iPhone 4s accounts for the remaining 9%. As a result, iPhone 5s not only sold more than iPhone 5c, but more than twice as much.

This is good news for Apple, because in this iPhone cycle iPhone 5c weakens the sales of iPhone 5s and it is a business risk. The CIRP data shows that Apple has been avoiding this situation so far. However, in the early stages, this is not surprising. After all, the iPhone 5c is a mainstream mobile phone, and the iPhone 5s is a fan of mobile phones. It is a "forward thinking" mobile phone for people with "forward thinking." Fanatics are usually early adopters.

Even more surprising is that the iPhone 5c sales performance is not as good as the iPhone 4S iPhone 4S sales. Although the iPhone 5c is a new phone and has a multi-color design, it has not sold a large amount of iPhone 4S after the iPhone 5 was launched.

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