TV manufacturers take advantage of the European Cup to engage in promotional market response

With the heat of the European Cup, major TV manufacturers have hit the "Europe Cup" concept in the market. However, the reporter learned yesterday (June 12) at the home appliance stores that "not many consumers buy TVs for the European Cup." The European Cup’s propaganda is fiery, and the deserted TV market is hard to get hot.

The reporter yesterday (June 12) went to the store and found that all branded TVs in the store were playing the European Cup concept. Many of the TV screens on the sale of color TVs were also replaced with ball games. Store shopping guide recommend to reporters, if you look at the ball, then the first choice must choose 3D TV.

The reporter learned from the store that many brands launched the "European Cup purchase discount" campaign during the European Cup. In GOME near Guangzhou Zhuang, some models of Samsung TVs not only participate in energy-saving subsidies, but also provide European Cup discounts, such as a plasma 51-inch 3D color TV in the venue, the original price of 6999 yuan, and now 350 yuan in addition to energy subsidies In addition, the 400 Euro Cup subsidies provided by the manufacturers can also be obtained. Konka is using the European Cup to conduct quiz activities. It also participates in contest quizzes. The results of the guessing include gifts and gifts.

Although the manufacturers' promotional activities have played the gimmick of the European Cup, the real promotion effect is very general.

Gome Store Shopping Guide told reporters: “Some consumers will ask about the issues related to watching the European Cup in particular when they buy TV, but they do not see which consumers are specifically buying TVs in the European Cup.” Suning Shopping Guide also made similar Indicated.

Analysts believe that June is not the peak season for TV sales, and TV sales are generally normal.

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