The high performance of energy-saving lamps is not necessarily good.

More and more families use energy-saving products in their lives, and energy-saving lamps have become the most frequently used ones. The energy-saving lamps on the market are five or six times more expensive than ordinary light bulbs, and many consumers in Haikou are still using energy-saving lamps. The misunderstanding of "the higher the price, the better the performance".

China Consumers Association recently released a comparative test report on energy-saving lamps, confirming that some energy-saving lamps are actually “saving electricity and not saving money”. According to the report, in the energy-saving lamp products tested and compared, a sample named “Xiahua” energy-saving lamp has a low measured power and poor lighting performance; another sample named “GE Edison” has a short light life and a price. The energy-saving lamps of five or six yuan have the same effect, but the price is actually four or five times the price of ordinary energy-saving lamps.

In order to understand the sales of energy-saving lamps in the Haikou market, the reporter visited several large supermarkets such as RT-Mart in the city yesterday afternoon, and found that the two products mentioned above did not appear on the shelves of the retail stores, and the sales of slightly better energy-saving lamps were mainly It is some brands such as Philips. However, in an interview with some consumers who bought energy-saving light bulbs, the reporter found that most consumers only pay attention to the advertising style of the outer packaging style or brand when purchasing such products, and do not value other. Some consumers have clearly stated that "the energy-saving lamps do not save energy in the end, we can't judge, so the higher the price, the better the quality, and the penny." After the reporter told the test that there were unqualified products, some citizens I am surprised that these brands are also familiar, and it is very harmful to the interests of consumers.

So how can I buy quality products? The staff of the Municipal Consumers Association reminded consumers that they should pay attention to whether the outer packaging or the lamp head is marked with “CQC”, “CQCES energy saving” and “section” characters. They represent the safety indicators and energy-saving performance indicators of energy-saving lamps. verification.


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