Energy-saving lamps

Electronic energy-saving lamps, also known as energy-saving light bulbs, electronic light bulbs, compact fluorescent lamps, and integrated fluorescent lamps, refer to a lighting apparatus that combines a fluorescent lamp with a ballast (ballast) into an integral body. The size of the energy-saving lamp is similar to that of an incandescent lamp, and the interface with the lamp socket is also the same as that of the incandescent lamp. Therefore, the incandescent lamp can be directly replaced. The official name of the energy-saving lamp is a rare-earth trichromatic compact fluorescent lamp. The nativity structure in the 1970s was mainly composed of an “upper lamp structure” and a “bottom lamp structure”; an energy-saving electronic ballast was packaged inside the combined structure. The composition is characterized in that a partition structure is added below the space of the upper combination structure part and the energy-saving electronic ballast, and a cavity structure of a growth section is provided in the lower combination structure part; and the outer wall of the cavity structure is grown around the section. Most of the through-holes are provided for multiple insulation, shunting, and heat dissipation to ensure the normal service life of the energy-saving lamps.

Dimensional analysis of energy-saving lamps due to the different shape of the lamp, the main U-tube, spiral tube, straight tube-type lotus, plum, bergamot and other heterosexual:

1, U-tube energy-saving lamps: tube shape: 2U, 3U, 4U, 5U, 6U, 8U and other kinds of power from 3W-240W and other specifications. 2U, 3U energy-saving lamps, diameter 9mm --- 14mm. Power generally from 3w-36w. Mainly used for civil and general business environment lighting. In use, it is used to directly replace incandescent lamps. 4U, 5U, 6U, 8U energy-saving lamps, diameter 12mm --- 21mm. Power generally from 45w - 240w. Mainly used in industrial and commercial lighting. In use, it is used to directly replace: high pressure mercury lamp, high pressure sodium lamp, T8 straight tube fluorescent lamp.

2, spiral energy-saving lamps: spiral tube diameter, points Φ9, Φ12, Φ14.5, Φ17 and so on.

The number of spiral loops (indicated by T) are: 2T, 2.5T, 3T, 3.5T, 4T, 4.5T, 5T, etc., and the power ranges from 3W to 240W.

3, bracket energy-saving lamps: T4, T5 straight tube energy-saving lamps: T5, T4 straight tube energy-saving lamps. Power is divided into: 8W, 14w, 21W, 28W. Widely used in civil, industrial and commercial environment lighting. Can be used to directly replace the T8 straight tube fluorescent lamp.

T, is the diameter of the lamp. Each "T" is 1/8 inch.

One inch is equal to 25.4 mm. The diameter of the T8 lamp is 25.4mm.

The remaining numbers correspond to the following:

Energy-saving lamps appearance pictures (20 photos)

T12 diameter 38.1 mm

T10 diameter 31.8 mm

T8 diameter 25.4 mm

T5 diameter 16 mm

T4 diameter 12.7 mm

T3.5 diameter 11.1 mm

T2 diameter 6.4 mm

In theory, the finer the efficiency of the lamp, the more luminescence the same wattage. However, the more delicate the lamp is, the more difficult it is to start. Therefore, when it comes to the T5 lamp, it must be started with an electronic ballast.

In order to save costs, T5 and T4 are sold in the form of miniature brackets. Ballasts are contained in the micro space of the bracket. The efficiency and quality of such ballasts are generally not good, resulting in lamps that should be highly efficient. Instead of the conventional T8 lamp, the life is also a little discounted. In spite of this, the temptation of the thin tube is still great, and the sales volume of the T5 and T4 lamps is getting larger and larger.

4. Lotus type energy-saving lamp:

Energy-saving lamps are divided into three parts by materials:

Capillary plastic parts and electronic components lamp caps 1, capillary:

Classification U-type, full-spiral, semi-spiral U-type: 2U 3U 4U 5U 6U 7U 8U 9U 10U

Full screw: The number of turns of the 2.5T, 3T 4T spiral light is indicated by "T".

Semi-spiral: The number of turns of the 2.5T, 3T 4T spiral light is indicated by "T".

2, plastic parts: According to the material points: PP, PC, PBT

PP material is very soft, mostly used in low block products.

PC material is a high-grade surface light.

PBT material is a high-grade flame retardant material, the surface of a smooth and matte matte.

LED energy-saving lamps, energy-saving 80% Samsung Beshun 3, the lamp head is divided into three kinds of materials are copper lamp holder, iron lamp holder, aluminum lamp holder, nickel-plated lamp holder (nickel-plated lamp holder is a high-grade product)

Color:: green, white, black.

Lamp head according to specifications: E14, E27, E40 screw mouth B22 bayonet based on the power size can be divided into: 3W, 5W, 7W, 9W, 11W, 26W, 30W, 36W, 45W, 55W, 65W, 75W,,,

Energy-saving lamps are classified according to phosphors: mixed powder, halogen powder, and three primary colors.

Halogen life is 3000-4000 hours.

The mixed powder has a life of 4000-6000 hours.

Three primary colors are more than 8000 hours.

High-quality energy-saving lamps parameters indicators 1. Electrical parameters (1) Voltage range: Rated voltage +10%-20% (2) Power range: Rated (nominal) power + 5% -10%

(3) Power factor: According to the actual situation, select PF>0.6 and PF>0.9

(4) Compliance with safety regulations and electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements (5) Operating frequency of electronic ballast Avoidance of remote control frequencies of household appliances (6) Conforms to stable and reliable working requirements in high-temperature and low-temperature environments 2 . Optical parameters (1) Luminous flux: The sum of the amount of light emitted by the light source per second: used to indicate the amount of light emitted by the lamp, ie, the amount of light emitted. The universal symbol Ñ„ is expressed in units of lumens (Lm).

Light efficiency, luminous flux requirements: less than 15W, light efficiency requirements ≥ 45LM / W; greater than equal to 15W, light efficiency requirements ≥ 60LM / W.

(2) Color rendering index: ≥80

(3) Color temperature: Small deviation of color temperature, good consistency (4) Start-up time: less than or equal to 1 second 3. Lifetime parameters (1) Effective life of 8,000 hours or more (Lumen maintenance rate of 70% or more)

(2) It can work stably and reliably under the conditions of effective life, high temperature 85°C and low temperature -20°C; and under the above-mentioned temperature conditions, the impact of voltage fluctuations, energy-saving lamps can work stably and reliably. . Mechanical parameters (1) The connection strength between the lamp and the electronic ballast meets the specified torque requirements. (2) The connection between the lamp cap and the housing meets the specified torque requirements. Example:

Product Name Rated Voltage (v) Power Power Factor Color Temperature Lifetime Pipe Length Total Length Luminous Output Lamp Type Packing Quantity Carton Size yn-2US7W 170-250v 7W 95%2700/6400 ≥8000 9 65 103 350 E14E27B22 50

yn-2US9W 170-250v 9W 95%2700/6400 ≥8000 9 75 113 530 E14E27B22 50

Disadvantages 1, energy-saving lamps start slowly 2, energy-saving lamps are bright line spectrum (discontinuous), so the usual energy-saving lamps are purple light, see things under the energy-saving lamps will be severely discolored. Blue will turn purple, red and yellow will look more vivid. Therefore, energy-saving lamps should not be used in color matching workplaces.

The classification energy-saving lamps can be divided into two categories: self-ballasted fluorescent lamps (electronic energy-saving lamps) and single-ended fluorescent lamps (PL plug-in energy-saving tube lamps).

Self-ballasted fluorescent lamps come with a full set of control circuits for ballasts and starter lamps, and are equipped with screw-type lamp holders or socket-type lamp holders. The circuit is generally enclosed in a housing and the control circuit in the lamp assembly is dominated by high frequency electronic ballasts. This integrated compact energy-saving lamp can be directly mounted on the lamp base of a standard incandescent lamp, and the incandescent lamp can be directly replaced, which is convenient to use. A single-end fluorescent lamp refers to a single-lamp low-pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp. Most of the light emitted by the discharge is activated by a UV-activated phosphor coating. Can be removed from the lamp, used in specially designed lamps, with the control circuit integrated with the lamp, to achieve the purpose of decorative or optimized lighting design. The lamp cap has two pins (2P) and four pins (4P). The two-pin cap contains a starter (also known as a jump bubble) and an anti-interference capacitor, while the four-needle cap has no circuit components.

Features 1) Wide operating voltage: 170V-250V is suitable for China's power supply needs, long life, and average service life ≥ 8000 hours. No noise, no flicker, no interference to communications, household appliances and equipment. Saves 80% on electricity compared to ordinary incandescent bulbs.

2) The use of high-quality pure trichromatic phosphor lamps, high light efficiency, low light decay, natural light, low power consumption, low heat, color temperature 2700K, 6400K, is the best choice for lighting sources.

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