Guangdong launched a new version of LED lighting benchmark evaluation

August 14-15, Guangdong Province, LED lighting product evaluation benchmarking system management planning training meeting held in Guangzhou, the conference issued a new version of the LED lamp benchmarking system management standards, the new LED interior lighting benchmarking system management standards, the first release of the LED tunnel lamp benchmark system Management specifications and other LED lighting products (miscellaneous) benchmarking system recommended catalog product selection method.

200 enterprise representatives from the province were invited to participate in the training. Experts of the benchmarking system made a comprehensive interpretation of the above-mentioned benchmarking system management specification formulation, submission, and implementation.

The reporter confirms that on August 13th, the company will start accepting applications for inspection and evaluation according to the new LED benchmarking system management specifications. It is planned to complete the first batch of product evaluations of the new LED benchmarking system by October 15 of this year and publish the first batch of LED benchmarking systems. product list.

At the end of May this year, Guangdong introduced three years of popularization of LED public lighting implementation plan, which stipulates that Guangdong LED benchmarking system must be used to recommend catalog products in the LED public lighting field.

In response, since May of this year, Guangdong Semiconductor Light Source Industry Association, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangdong Provincial Institute of Standardization and other agencies have reviewed and implemented the pre-study and implementation of the Guangdong LED lighting product evaluation benchmarking system management specification. LED street lamp, LED interior lighting benchmarking system management specification, also formulated the LED tunnel lamp benchmarking system management specifications and other LED lighting products (miscellaneous) benchmarking system recommended catalog product selection method. For the existing problems in the benchmarking system evaluation, the new version of the LED benchmarking system management specification has increased the factory inspection, product consistency check, and the highest price of the proposed benchmark product. It also adopts methods such as tendering and on-site inspection to evaluate the production of the participating benchmarking system. The organization has confirmed.

In 2010, Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology organized a number of institutions such as Sun Yat-sen University and the Guangdong Provincial Institute of Standardization to jointly research the LED benchmarking system, an innovative product quality evaluation system. So far, there have been more than 300 LED street lamps and 100 inside and outside the province. Nearly 600 sets of LED lighting products from a number of indoor lighting companies evaluated the benchmarking system, manufactured and released 8 batches of LED benchmarking system product recommendation catalogs, providing selection basis and project quality assurance for Guangdong LED lighting demonstration projects.

However, in the past two years Guangdong Province in the implementation of the old LED lighting benchmarking system, its defects and limitations have begun to appear, and some companies in order to obtain a good evaluation scores, to provide inspection products and actual production of the product is inconsistent, inspection The test results of the product cannot reflect the actual manufacturing management level of the factory. The product is mass produced according to the test results and the cost is too high when it is sold in the market.

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