Interview with Intel’s Marketing Director Zhang Yiyi

Interview with Intel’s Marketing Director Zhang Yiyi

At the Intel Information Technology Summit in the spring of 2014, Ms. Yiyi Zhang, Marketing Director of Intel China, accepted an exclusive interview with Bennett. In this interview, Ms. Zhang Yijian introduced us to the cooperation between Intel and Shenzhen manufacturers, technology innovation, user experience and product promotion.

Regarding Shenzhen and Shenzhen manufacturers talking about why Intel held IDF in Shenzhen in 2014, Zhang Yizheng, director of Intel's China marketing department, said that mobile smart terminals, wearable devices and the Internet of Things are Intel's focus in recent years. On the other hand, Shenzhen's entire technology industry chain and technology ecosystem not only have been at the forefront of China's field of the same field, it has also driven innovation in the world in the same field. This is why Intel chose IDF 2014 in Shenzhen this year. In addition, at the keynote address on April 2, Intel CEO also announced that the Intel Smart Device Innovation Center will be located in Shenzhen.

Ms. Zhang Yizhen also said that Shenzhen’s industrial environment has matured more than ever. Shenzhen has not only accelerated China’s own innovation, but has also driven innovation in many industry circles. Shenzhen’s tablet PCs account for 70 percent of sales. To the world, so that Shenzhen's entire industrial circle has been very mature.

As we all know, although Shenzhen's Baipai tablet is inexpensive, it does not have brand influence. When these products go to the market, brand awareness is greatly limited. Consumers have never heard of this brand and certainly cannot trust it. This brand.

However, when consumers see Intel's LOGO, its brand gives people a sense of reliability and trust, and represents a high-end image. We also learn from each other about brand building in cooperation with Shenzhen manufacturers. Intel can help partners in Shenzhen in terms of brand influence.

Another great value of Intel lies in its channel, retail value. In this regard, we also have good cooperation with local partners. Local manufacturers also hope to cooperate with Intel in this regard.

About the User Experience When talking about the user experience, Ms. Zhang Yixin said: We emphasize 2in1 on the PC, and AIO is also an all-in-one. These are innovative products in the PC field and can bring new user experiences.

In this regard, from 2013 onwards, Intel’s related activities are all emphasizing experiences. From the Ultrabook era, we have established many experience stores and experience areas. In the future, Intel’s core tablets will also have experience stores and experience areas. . At the retail end, there will be many new ways of experiencing it.

About 2 in 1 and tablet PC Ms. Cheung Yee-yee said that 2-in-1 products are divided into two major categories: Core and Atom, 2 in 1 Heavy Duo equipped with a Core processor for light entertainment, 2-in-1 products equipped with Atom processors are Heavy entertainment, light work.

In terms of tablet PCs in 2014, Intel's goal set for itself is fourfold growth. Intel is still confident that tablet PCs will quadruple its growth target. Intel now has 40 to 50 Intel Core Tablets, product categories will be greatly enriched. On the operating system side, we have also changed from the original single Windows 8. We have also added support for Android. This aspect is also becoming more and more abundant.

In terms of price, we basically start at $99 and go to high-end products. We are all there. Regardless of product prices, product categories, or operating systems, we have a tremendous amount of money. And there is still more than 32% growth in the overall flat panel market in 2014. Regardless of the environment or Intel’s own small environment, Intel still has confidence in quadrupling growth.

Regarding the dual system, Ms. Zhang Yijun said: In terms of dual systems, we do not think that the people are divided into one category, two categories and three categories. Dual systems have their own needs. This group of people wants to use dual systems. Of course, this is not for everyone. Needed, but this is the third type of choice we provide to consumers.

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