Survey and Analysis of China's Lighting Market in 07-08

Based on the important role of green lighting in energy and the environment, China has proposed the implementation of “China Green Lighting Project” since the early 1990s. During the "10th Five-Year Plan" period, the key plan for the structural adjustment and development of the lighting electrical industry - the development of energy-saving electric light source products, limiting the growth of ordinary incandescent lamps, focusing on the development of double-spiral aluminum lamp incandescent lamps, increasing the proportion of fluorescent lamps, to the end of the "fifteen" The ratio of incandescent to fluorescent lamps is 3.5:1. The goal of China Green Lighting Project Promotion Project is to save electricity and reduce the environment by reducing electricity consumption by lighting, to achieve 10% energy saving by 2010; to promote the overall level of domestic lighting electrical products; and to enhance consumers' efficiency of high-efficiency lighting products. Recognize and use; establish a market environment that is conducive to the promotion and application of high-efficiency lighting electrical products, and ensure the availability of energy efficiency in the use of lighting electrical products through standards and certification. During the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" period, a conservation-oriented society has become one of China's construction goals. In the Medium and Long-term Special Plan for Energy Conservation issued by the National Development and Reform Commission, “Lighting Appliances” has been included in the key areas of energy conservation, and “Green Lighting Project” has been listed as one of the ten key energy-saving projects. During the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period, Focus on the promotion of high-efficiency power-saving lighting systems, rare earth trichromatic fluorescent lamps in public facilities, hotels, commercial buildings, office buildings, stadiums, residential buildings, and automation of high-efficiency lighting products production lines.

On a global scale, the lighting industry is highly concentrated. However, at present, China's lighting industry still has a problem of low industry concentration. On the whole, China's lighting industry is in an excessively competitive situation, and the secondary integration of the industry is imminent. From the perspective of regional distribution, China's lighting industry enterprises are mainly concentrated in the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta. Among them, the Pearl River Delta lighting enterprises have developed relatively early and are ahead of market development. However, the lighting enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta pay more attention to the internal management and export of enterprises. Both hands must be hard, not only in the front of the Pearl River Delta in the competition of the electrical industry, but also in the lighting industry, it also shows an aggressive momentum. . The comprehensive layout of foreign superior enterprises in China also brings strong competitive pressure to domestic lighting equipment, and the industry will further reorganize and integrate and gradually become centralized.

The demand for lighting products in the domestic market has increased significantly year by year. Under the situation of the development of the western region, the development of the central and western regions cannot be ignored. The demand for energy-saving lighting products from different grades from east to west has a gradient effect. The Beijing 2008 Olympics project is a huge business opportunity for the lighting industry. The successful bid for the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai will also promote a new round of urban development in Shanghai. The lighting project has huge business opportunities. In 2008, China's lighting sales will exceed 150 billion yuan. The development of green lighting projects and energy-saving needs and the development of LED technology, white LED will have a great development. The US Department of Energy predicts that by 2010, 55% of incandescent and fluorescent lamps in the United States will be replaced by semiconductor lamps, saving $35 billion annually. In the United States alone, semiconductor lighting could form a $50 billion industry.



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