Can old television use TV boxes? How to connect?

If you don’t want to throw away your old TV at home and you want to enjoy a wealth of functions, then having a TV box is particularly necessary and important, but for those who use old TVs, they may not know that old TVs can use TV boxes. ? How to connect? Don't worry, this will teach you how to connect! Today Xiaobian brings you three ways to connect.

TV with HDMI interface or AV interface can use the TV box, the following small series for everyone to explain in detail.

TV box with HDMI-connected TV:

Need an HDMI cable

Connect the TV box to the TV. Just insert the HDMI cable into the HDMI port of the TV box and the TV (as shown in the figure).

TV box with AV interface TV:

Need a turn of three AV cable

The AV cable is an abbreviation for audio lines and video in home audio. It has three lines. The white color is the left channel, the red color is the right channel, and the yellow color is the video signal. The operation procedure is very simple, switch the old TV to AV mode (that is, the channel that often watches VCD TV). Connect the old TV to the TV box with a three-to-one AV video cable, and plug it in according to the color. Then connect the single plug to the AV box on the TV box.

TV box without AV interface (such as millet box mini version) how to connect old TV

Need a HDMI to AV HD Converter

Use an HDMI cable to connect the converter to the mini version of the millet box. The AV cable connects the converter to the old TV.
Knowing what requirements and connection methods television boxes have for TV, don't worry about buying a TV box. The user can select the desired cable to connect according to the interface of the old TV in his home, and easily turn the old TV in the home into a smart TV.

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