China Optoelectronics Q2 backlight module revenue is 22% lower than the first quarter

[High-tech LED News] Taiwan's backlight module factory China Optoelectronics (5371) Q2 consolidated revenue was NT$18.437 billion, down 11% from the first quarter; consolidated operating net profit was 294 million yuan, down 57%; consolidated after-tax net profit It was 423 million yuan, a quarterly decrease of 37%; the single-quarter earnings per share was 0.38 yuan.

China Optoelectronics' consolidated revenue for the first half of the year was NT$39.103 billion, down 16.5% year-on-year; consolidated operating income was 983 million yuan, down 63.1% year-on-year; net profit after tax was about 1.092 billion yuan, down 53.4% ​​annually; The surplus is about 1.2 yuan.

Among them, the shipment of backlight module Q2 was 15.46 million pieces, down 7% in the quarter, and the consolidated revenue was NT$10.723 billion, a 22% decline from the first quarter. China Optoelectronics said that the main cause of Japanese brand customers LED due to the earthquake in Japan and the economic impact of Europe and the United States. Demand for TV backlight modules has fallen, coupled with delays in mass production of monitors and tablet PCs.

China Optoelectronics said that due to the continued weak demand in the LCD TV market, the growth of the backlight module for monitors and the growth of backlight modules for notebooks and tablet computers are expected to increase the overall shipment volume of Q3 backlight modules by 10% compared with Q2. .

Q2 projector products shipped 313,000 units, an increase of 5% over Q1, and due to product mix optimization, revenues reached 4.692 billion yuan, a 23% increase. In the first half of this year, the revenue of projector products reached 8.5 billion yuan, and the shipment volume was 610,000 units.

China Optoelectronics expects the average monthly shipment of Q3 projectors to be between 100,000 and 110,000 units. The shipment volume in the first half of this year is about 47 to 53. The annual shipments are about 1.3 million units, which is equivalent to last year.

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