The necessity of acoustic processing in home theater acoustic design

[Home Theater Network] Acoustic processing is good , audio and video equipment can play the best effect, and vice versa, it is the equipment.

Through acoustic processing, the following problems will be solved:

1. The reverberation time is too short, the sound is dry, boring and tasteless, not friendly and natural; the reverberation time is too long, the sound is ambiguous, and it is uncomfortable, which seriously affects the sense of hearing;

2. The indoor sound field is uneven, the sound in each frequency band is unbalanced, the sound is not round, not full, and the surrounding feeling is poor.

3. Defects such as standing wave, resonance, and tremor echo, which seriously affect the sense of hearing and affect the normal use of the audio-visual room;

4. Background noise affects the quiet audio-visual environment, affecting the audio-visual experience;

5. Sound insulation and poor noise reduction will destroy the quiet living environment of the neighbors.

The sound is dry and loud, which seriously affects hearing. How to solve it?

This is caused by the reverberation time being too short or too long. By analyzing the structure of the room, the sound absorbing materials of each frequency band are reasonably arranged on the wall, the ground or the top, so that the reverberation time of the audio-visual room reaches the optimal value.

The sound is unbalanced, not full, and the surrounding feeling is poor. How to solve it?

This is caused by the poor diffusibility of the room. The diffusing characteristics of the room are good, the sound is attenuated smoothly, and the sound is evenly distributed throughout the room. Diffusion can make the indoor sound field uniform and the sound details clearer. By accurately calculating the placement of different diffusers at different locations, this problem will be completely solved.

Echo tremble, poor listening, sound defects, how to solve?

This is mainly caused by standing waves, resonances, and reflections between walls. The superposition of standing waves is closely related to the ratio of each side of the room. The resonance strength of standing waves depends on the density and hardness of the wall material. By analyzing the structure of the room, a targeted acoustic material is placed at the corresponding location to solve the above listening problem. More fresh and fun home theater information, please pay attention to home theater network http:// (WeChat: cnhifi), the country's most influential home theater audio player interactive media website.

Note: This article is transferred from the new era of audio and video. The article is an independent view of the author and does not represent the position of the home theater network.

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