Which is worth buying for a big screen smart TV?

Nowadays, there are many large-screen TVs on the market ranging from 40 inches to 65 inches and 70 inches. Users can choose according to the size of the room in their home. The selection of large-screen TVs by light is far from enough. People are also very discriminating about the quality of TVs. Everyone wants to experience the cinematic tactile sensation in the home, and at the same time, they have a clear picture quality far beyond the cinema.

Today, we would like to recommend several television products with a screen size between 50 吋 and 65 ,. Among them are well-known foreign brands and well-established national brands, and they all have a higher level of picture quality. , I believe that they can give users a movie theater living room viewing experience, the recent purchase needs of users can refer to it.

Panda LE55N16S-UD

Panda LE55N16S-UD LCD TV as a 55-inch 4K TV, 14-core powerful configuration allows all operations are very smooth, with ultra-high definition 4K resolution clear image quality, giving users a smooth and stylish user experience. This TV is currently priced at 4,599 yuan.

Panda LE55N16S-UD TV
Panda LE55N16S-UD this TV uses a ultra-narrow frame design, more prominent picture performance, emphasizing immersion. The feminine unique base design is rather modern and artistic. It is simple but not simple. It makes TV a work of art, highlights fashion, tastes extraordinary, and is breathtaking.

The 4K Ultra HD resolution adopted by this machine can bring shocking on-the-spot feeling. Users are exposed to 4K viewing places. Compared to 1080p full HDTVs, which are 3 times the standard viewing distance of the screen height, 4K TVs have a half-distance listening distance and excellent visual effects. At the same time, they can experience unexpected heights. A sense of presence and deep integration.

4K Ultra HD decoding
The system of the Panda LE55N16S-UD is derived from the Android system and has been deeply and completely customized. It is fully customized for the smart TV screen and operation experience. It is in line with the operating habits of TV users and is easy to learn and use. DDR3 8G RAM and eMMC 32G large-capacity ROM, with quad-core CPU, eight-core GPU's luxury 10-core processor, let the TV bid farewell to Caton.

Panda teamed up to take pictures of Litchi TV and iQiyi's massive resources to create a powerful video platform for users with rich resources and high-definition fluency. Panda's exclusive “Mobile Phone Po” and “WeChat Po” applications can support the interaction between mobile phones and TVs. Through WeChat, they can play TVs, and voice can support dialects such as Sichuan dialect and Cantonese dialect.

Lychee TV mass content
Edit Comment: Panda LE55N16S-UD TV equipped with a 4K resolution, the screen effect is even higher, and as long as the user's city opened the ground wave signal, you can watch free high-definition television programs. It is also very convenient to use mobile phones to share video content.

Product Model Panda LE55N16S-UD

Reference price 4599 yuan

Promotional business Panda TV official website

Sharp LCD-60UF30A

Sharp LCD-60UF30A TV with 60-inch screen modeling atmosphere, high-definition 4K picture quality allows users to enjoy a very good family viewing experience. At the same time, it also provides users with a wealth of film and television drama resources and exciting feature applications to create home entertainment terminals. At present, the price of this TV in Jingdong Mall is 6888 yuan. Interested users can learn about it.

Sharp LCD-60UF30A TV
Sharp LCD-60UF30A TV uses the original Japanese LCD panel, the quality is more secure, the screen size is 60 inches, 4K ultra-clear resolution image quality, picture quality, full color, vivid and natural, suitable for large area living room or conference room use, with Wonderful sound system, surround sound brings real life and sense, to create cinematic home viewing.

Use X super crystal panel
Sharp LCD-60UF30A is a smart TV equipped with Android smart system. In order to provide users with more intelligent experience, it also equipped with BesTV video platform, rich video resources to provide users with more viewing options, to solve the worries . The layout of the user interface is simple, search programs or search functions are relatively simple and easy to use.

Smooth smoothing 200
Edit Comment: Sharp LCD-60UF30A supports Ultra HD 4K resolution playback, large screen for larger room use. It uses double-speed Full HD technology, which allows users to effectively mitigate the trailing phenomenon and clearly present fast and dynamic scenes when watching the event.

Sharp LCD-60UF30A

Reference price 6888 yuan

Dealer Jingdong

Skyworth 55M5

Price is always a factor that consumers need to consider when shopping. Here we recommend Skyworth 55M5 TV for everyone is a relatively high cost product, it has a 55-inch screen and 4K ultra-high resolution, configuration can basically meet the needs of most families. At present, this TV is priced at 2799 yuan in Jingdong Mall. Interested users can learn about it.

Skyworth 55M5 TV
Skyworth 55M5 TV picture quality clear and vivid, full of color, full of Smart. The interior is equipped with a new H.265 decoding technology, which can be further optimized from the details of the screen to the color quality, to enhance the overall picture quality, and bring a clear program playback experience for users. It has a screen size of 55 inches, and is suitable for use in the living room or bedroom. It has a moderate body thickness and does not feel tired or swollen.

Full H.265 coding technology
Skyworth's 55M5 TV uses a smart operating system internally and is equipped with an 8-core processor to provide a smooth and efficient user experience. Taking full account of the needs of movie enthusiasts, it is equipped with a legal film resource platform and can provide a large number of popular movie and TV drama programs at home and abroad. It is updated every week to solve everyone's worries. It also aggregates mobile games, quick shots, love games and other platforms, all kinds of games, one-click download, free challenge, bring more colorful home entertainment experience.

Ultra HD 4K TV
Edit Comment: Skyworth 55M5 has a 55-inch ultra-high-definition screen, ultra-clear picture quality, which can basically meet the daily needs of most families. At the same time, it is also equipped with a smart operating system, as well as a large number of film and television drama resources, game resources for everyone to choose, bring exciting home entertainment experience.

Skyworth 55M5

Reference price 2799 yuan

Dealer Jingdong

Konka LED55E330U

As we all know, the same product, the price when buying is usually lower. Now we recommend for everyone a TV that is participating in group purchase activity - Konka LED55E330U, which has a 55-inch large screen, 4K ultra-high resolution, equipped with massive film and television drama resources. At present, this TV in the Jingdong Mall's group purchase price is 2599 yuan, the coupon can be dropped by 200, the price is very good.

Konka LED55E330U TV
Konka LED55E330U TV is equipped with a 55-inch screen, 4K ultra high-definition resolution allows it to provide users with a high-quality program playback experience, detailed display details, and the use of color wheel engine technology, so that it has more advantages in color performance, The colors are more full and vivid. It is also equipped with excellent speaker equipment that enables Dolby surround sound and an immersive viewing experience.

4K ultra clear picture quality
Konka LED55E330U TV is equipped with YIUI Yi grapefruit 3.0 TV control system, a simple UI interface, users can easily find the movies and applications they need, one-touch direct. It is equipped with the CIBN license Youku video, updated at the right time, to present the latest massive film and television drama resources for users, massive video to meet the needs of film and television enthusiasts.

Rich film and television resources
Edit Comment: Konka LED55E330U Ultra HD 4K TV provides a rich experience of home entertainment features, 55-inch screen, clear picture quality, full color image, and a large number of movie and TV drama resources, allowing users to enjoy quality without leaving home Family viewing experience.

Konka LED55E330U

Promotion price 2599 yuan

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Peel Mask PCB 

Peel able masks are used in order to protect selected solder holes against plugging during mass soldering or to protect carbon elements and gold plated contacts during mass soldering.  Peel able masks are screen printed.


• The peelable mask must adhere sufficiently well to the PCB so that it does not peel off when handled correctly.
• It must be able to endure a two to three time soldering process without peeling off, but must remain detachable.
•After soldering of the PCB, the peelable mask must be able to be detached – preferably in one piece. In case of metallized holes, no mask 
   residue must be left in the drill holes or on the surface of the PCB. In the case of non-metallized drill holes, however a certain amount of residue 
   can remain.
• The peelable mask must be able to resist conventional solvents such as chlorinated and fluorinated hydrocarbons, isopropanol, conventional 
   fluxes and similar.
• Particular requirements: The roughness U of the edge of the mask can be 0,5 mm from the tip to the base (left figure 

Peelable Solder Mask

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