Doing good energy storage is a new way for the development of electric vehicles.

In 2015, the output of new energy vehicles in China exceeded 330,000, of which more than 140,000 were pure electric vehicles. But this is still insignificant in the size of the more than 24 million car market in 2015. In the first half of 2016, the production and sales of new energy vehicles have reached more than 170,000 units, with a target of 700,000 units at the end of the year. China has become the country with the largest production and sales volume of new energy vehicles in the world. This year's newly listed electric vehicles have a driving range of more than 200 kilometers per charge. More will be more than 300 kilometers for a charging trip next year. The construction of charging stations and charging piles has received attention from all over the world. It is believed that electric vehicles and charging piles will be built ahead of the speed of 1:1 to meet the needs of electric vehicles. When we vigorously develop new energy vehicles, we should see that there is a lamp that needs to be lit up urgently, which will illuminate a new way to promote the development of electric vehicles.

The energy storage technology of electric vehicles is the one that urgently needs us to light up. The National Landscape Storage and Destruction Demonstration Project is the first key project of the “Golden Sun Project” jointly launched by the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Energy Administration and the State Grid Corporation. It is the first batch of key projects of the State Grid Corporation to build a strong smart grid. It is currently in the world. The largest renewable energy project integrating wind power, photovoltaic power generation, energy storage and transmission engineering. The project takes "technical advancement, scientific and technological innovation, economic rationality, project demonstration" as the standard, focusing on wind power generation control and energy storage system integration technology, achieving smooth output, planned tracking, peak filling and filling of new energy power generation. And control targets such as frequency modulation to solve the technical problems of large-scale grid connection of new energy. From this we can see the country's emphasis on decentralized new energy storage technology and the achievements we have made. In practical applications, due to cost constraints, the energy storage system is still a weak link. Electric vehicles need to participate in energy storage applications, not only to build charging piles that can be recharged at night, but also to solve the technical and equipment problems that can return power to the grid. Light up this light, we will find that the development of new energy vehicles has a new road that is wider and longer.

Doing good energy storage is a new way for the development of electric vehicles.

When electric vehicles can use charging piles to charge and store electricity (return power to the grid), the construction of charging pile network will promote the construction of Internet of Things and energy Internet. Decentralized solar power stations and wind power stations can be connected with charging piles for electric vehicles. The electric vehicle, which can consume electricity and return power to the grid, realizes the energy storage needs of the grid.

Simply calculate that the electric energy charged in the trough of the power grid will be sent back to the power grid when the grid power consumption peaks. According to an electric vehicle charging twice a day, an electric vehicle equipped with a 50KWH battery is charged with 50 kWh. It can return 25 degrees of electricity to the grid. Calculated by 300 days a year, an electric vehicle can store 7500 kWh of electricity for the grid every year. Thousands of electric vehicles are continuously added, and the energy storage effect is very impressive. of. From an economic point of view, Gudian is calculated at 0.35 yuan (per kWh) and peak power is 0.70 yuan (per kWh). An electric car can create 2,625 yuan a year. If the grid is deducted from the operating cost by 20%, the electric vehicle owner can get 2,100 yuan of income, which is equivalent to 6000 degrees of free electricity per year.

The owner of the car of course hopes that the power grid will record its own return power in its own account. The power grid will save one by one, reduce the trouble of settlement of fees, use the stored and sent power for the next charge deduction, or bundle with the household electricity. The amount of electricity used to deduct household electricity consumption. Here, the household electric vehicle indirectly realizes the function of the household energy storage battery, and opens the first application of the distributed energy storage system by the home.

Electric vehicles need to be connected to the energy Internet with charging piles. The charging pile can not be a simple power socket, but also adds a lot of functions, such as networking function, payment function, slow charging to fast charging optional charging function, storage power to the grid. The function, vehicle identification function, vehicle status inquiry function, etc., the charging piles with increasing functions characterized by networking will appear in large numbers, and the large amount of value-added services added around the charging piles has become the target of many enterprises. The charging pile will completely get rid of the traditional gas station-style construction mode, and expand to any place where parking is possible, and initially realize unmanned and gradually realize wireless.

From the initial card charging to the network management (energy Internet), the identification and query technology of the Internet of Things will bring more convenience. The destination parking lot will increase the solar decentralized power station and various charging piles to provide electric vehicles. Value-added services, new residential buildings and social parking lots (positions) are all equipped with multi-functional charging piles, and multi-functional charging piles are also installed in the work area parking lot. Charging and storage are complementary to each other, and the energy Internet is automatically deployed. This development prospect is a very attractive new way to extend the application of electric vehicles to the power grid, from simple power users to users of the power grid plus assistants, and then to the Internet of Things and the Internet, and then with a variety of Connected with a wealth of value-added services, electric cars are no longer just a means of transportation, but an important partner in our lives.

On this road, we will see more new products, new technologies, new applications, and various innovative companies and innovative business models will emerge in an endless stream. We will go further and longer along this road.

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