PS VR exclusive game "The Stone Man" announced the battle to play video

After watching the 6-minute Golem game experience video, this is an upcoming action adventure game of Highwire Games Studio. This video is intended to compensate for the lack of combat gameplay in the previous IGN demo video.


At this year's GDC conference, Sony vigorously promoted its PS4-based virtual reality device, PS VR, and has officially announced that it will be released on October 13 this year. The company announced a large number of PS VR game trailers at the press conference in December last year. Stone Man is also among them. One of the most anticipated games to be played on the GDC this year is Stone Man, a new action adventure game created by Highwire games. Highwire games is a new game development studio. An industry veteran from companies such as Bungie and Airtight Games, including Marty O'Donnell, composer of Halo.

The story behind Stone Man is still somewhat mysterious. We currently only know that the player will play a sick girl. She seems to have the special ability to control the Stone Man and can manipulate them to take risks in the outside world. But for what purpose it is still unclear, Highwire games keeps the game's storyline secret.

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