In the year of Sao to the name of "Princess treasure can be dream GO" simply laugh!

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On July 31st, Beijing time, this year's AR game "Pokémon Go" brought the augmented reality industry to a new height. After the game launched a "full name pet catcher" in the United States, New Zealand and Singapore. This is not the case. Recently Pokémon Go (Pokémon Go) returned to Japan in the same way as the old club. From the time it was at 10 am on the Android Store, it took half an hour to land at the Apple Store, and by 6:30 pm, download it. The volume has exceeded 10 million, and Japan has also become the world’s first country (region) with a single-day download volume exceeding 10 million.

However, recently abroad, a “criminal second” youth responded witly to the Pokemon’s name in “Princess Pokemon GO,” and a series of funny things happened. (This joke made me laugh. Day and night), this big brother can be called the original "Pokemon GO" (Pokémon Go) new martial arts, such as the young frog seeds called "garlic head turtle", the Arbor Snake called "purple urn" ... In the end, the young man finally resisted the flooding of the body. Finally came the phrase "Pikachu to NM".

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