From 2012, Shanzhai mobile phone sales will shrink

Yesterday, the reporter learned from the research report released recently by the research institution iSuppli that the mobile phone may face the prospect of shrinking market, and sales will start to decline from 2012.

The iSuppli research report shows that the sales volume of cottages in mainland China this year has increased by 43.6% over the previous year to a total of approximately 228 million units. The market size of the cottage will reach 2011 in the case of a continuous price cut on the cottage and an increase in overseas orders. 255 million units, but this will also be a positive growth in the last year of the cottage market. The report believes that as the cost is difficult to maintain and drastically decline, coupled with government pressure, the output of cottages in China will start to decline from 2012. However, the report also stated that the overseas export situation of the Shanzhai aircraft will be optimistic all the way, showing a booming growth trend.

BDA telecom analyst Shan Chao said that the shrinkage of the domestic machine on the domestic market was mainly due to the overall shrinkage of the domestic 2G mobile phone market, because domestic cottages are mainly concentrated in the 2G mobile phone field, with the replacement of 2G mobile phones with 3G mobile phones. The overall trend, the cottage will also weaken with the weakening of the 2G market.

The chief chip provider of domestic cottages, Lui Zhengzheng, chief representative of China Unicom in China, disagreed with the conclusion that the cottage market will shrink. He said that because of the low price strategy of regular brand 2G mobile phones, the makers of cottages have adopted "Whitewash" coping methods, incarnation of genuine mobile phones, which makes the product is no longer classified as a cottage machine statistics.

However, Shanchao’s “wash white” statement, Shan Chao also expressed different views. He believes that most small and medium-sized cottage makers will not adopt the “whitewash” strategy. On the one hand, whitewashing will cost a higher cost. On the one hand, it will take a long time. The two blockers are the ones that most Chinese small-sized hillside machine manufacturers cannot afford.

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