Supplier contact buyer tips

Supplier contact buyer tips

First, deal with the buyer's online inquiry.

There should be a falsification program, or else once the business is opened, you will be flooded into the sea of ​​emails. Generally from the content of the buyer's query, you can determine what is a real and what is a virtual disk. Should focus on those highly targeted, can be called inquiry email. For a worthless enquiry, dare to give up decisively.

If you think that each inquiry is to buy goods from you is too naive. Some enquiries may be too vague, perhaps just a means for customers to do market research. If you don't give up empty information, you may only be able to do some email processing every day.

Second, deal with the buyer's query must pay attention to methods and techniques.

Be good at seeing the depths through the appearance of e-mails and understand the true intentions of the inquirers. Is he a real buyer or middleman or even your competitor? What is his motivation for buying and how is his ability to buy?

With this in hand, you can have a superb response processing ability, can grasp the customer's psychology, allow buyers to understand your business and products faster and better.

Third, we must be very clear that your product (including quality) is suitable for the target market? Try to understand the quality and price level of other domestic counterparts.

Now how easy it is to get product information from your peers!

You need to understand that for an inquiry, foreign customers will not only send you one but will also send many suppliers at the same time. Only if your product quality and price is better than your peers can you get the order.

Fourth, the use of e-mail tips:

The eight-character guideline for handling emails: simple, credible, appropriate, and fast!

1. Simple: Language should be concise, don't be Luo Luoqi, words have nothing. We must know that the patience of many foreign businessmen is very poor. You waste your time is tantamount to financial loss.

Do not underestimate the art of e-mail processing. I tell you that many foreign trade salesmen do not know how to write a good e-mail.

The key is whether you can grasp the true intention of the buyer's inquiry and give him the most targeted response he needs most.

2. Credibility: Simplicity does not require you to omit the most basic etiquette, and I believe that no one likes to respond impolitely. Be sure to also note that when contacting the buyer, be sure to include your detailed contact details, including your name, job title, company name, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, website address, and company address. Information content gives the other party a very formal impression. Some manufacturers often lose their answers when they reply. It is easy to leave a bad impression.

3. Appropriateness: In fact, it is not easy to be appropriate! This includes not only the first two factors, but more importantly, it also requires specialization.

(1) Buyers always want to deal with people who are fluent in the product. If you make mistakes in responding to an inquiry, it means that you are an outsider. The buyer will think that you are not a real manufacturer, or that you are not familiar with the product. Not to go back. Therefore, when replying, you must specify the product specification, packing method, function, quotation, and other details.

(2) Make full use of the advantages of e-mail to deliver pictures. This will better explain the problem and reduce costs.

(3) Before e-mailing, check carefully to see if there is any spelling or grammatical error and try to minimize the bad impressions that may be given to others.

(4) Quotes should be considered, do not leave too much room for price reduction, otherwise it will make buyers have doubts. Moreover, to subdivide customers, that is to say, according to different countries and regions where customers are located, different quotes are given. For example, customers in Europe and the United States and most of customers in South America and the Middle East will require different product grades. If you give customers in South America and the Middle East a price for European and American markets, they may scare off each other.

4. Fast: Buyers always hope to get a reply as soon as possible, especially when the Internet is involved in international trade. Many foreign buyers are more willing to apply this method. They use this method more because of low cost and high efficiency.

If you respond too late to a customer's query, you will not only lose business opportunities, but will also cause the other party to have doubts about your efficiency and ability.

Even if the problem cannot be answered immediately, it should be given a definitive answer after internal deliberation, and should not be blindly promised. It is often counterproductive.

Fifth, keep track of customers who have sent inquiries to you.

This point is very critical! Many people often feel that online information is more, there are fewer transactions, or there is no deal, they lose confidence and pay no attention to the queries received. This is a very narrow and stupid practice.

Transposition, for you are buyers, will you give an order to a vendor you don’t know for the first time?

What's more, the current market is basically a buyer's market. Buyers can obtain numerous suppliers easily through e-commerce or traditional business methods. Therefore, do not underestimate any queries from buyers!

Suggest two ways to track customers:

1. Send new products to customers on a regular basis, this approach often has effects that cannot be underestimated;

2. Send greetings and holiday cards to customers on holidays.

I believe your pay will be rewarded!

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