Professional camera

The professional camera refers to a type of product in the camcorder, which is also called DVCAM. The DVCAM format is a video and audio storage medium developed by Sony Corporation in 1996. Its performance is almost the same as the DV. The difference is that the width of the two tracks, the width of the DV track is 10 microns, and the track width of the DVCAM. It is 15 microns. Due to different recording speeds, the DV is 18.8 mm/s and the DVCAM is 28.8 mm/s, so the two also have different recording time. The DV tape is 60-276 minutes of video, and the DVCAM tape can record 34-184 minutes. .

In terms of video and audio recording, DV and DVCAM are basically the same. The recording bit rate is 25 Mbps. The audio adopts 48 kHz and 32 kHz sampling modes. All of them can be downloaded to the computer via IEEE1394 FireWire for non-editing editing.

Currently, only a few Sony models can be used with DVCAM. The level resolution of DV and DVCAM is the same, and the quality of the image is the same. DVCAM is not widely available in the market.

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