Briefing on the characteristics and highlights of the various exhibitions of the lighting Expo (Photos)

Area A of the Expo Site is located at the junction of Pudong South Road and Tibet South Road Tunnel, and is adjacent to Zone B of the Expo Site in the west. In addition to the China National Pavilion, it also includes the China Provincial Federation of Municipalities and the United States, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, the three halls, as well as the Asian Union Pavilion and some Asian national pavilions such as Japan and Israel. In addition to a series of high-tech technologies such as water technology, solar energy, satellites and miniature cameras, it will also present a unique oriental charm.

Lighting Expo

Special Recommendations Hong Kong Pavilion Venue Theme: Unlimited City - Hong Kong

Hong Kong Pavilion

Appearance: It is a three-storey steel structure with a beautiful appearance and modernity.
Highlights Mini Wetland Park Ecology A miniature wetland park is placed on the third floor of the pavilion. This is a completely open space with no roof covering, ensuring that plants are in close contact with sunlight and rain, demonstrating Hong Kong's wetland ecology.
In the Ink and Wash Art Museum, two art exhibitions were held to introduce the development and innovation of ink art and the unique culture of Hong Kong's integration of Chinese and Western culture.

Macao Pavilion Venue Theme: Cultural Transformation, Harmony Reflection Activity Week: October 13th to October 17th

Macau Pavilion

Appearance: It is a jade rabbit lantern. Its design is inspired by the ancient rabbit lanterns in South China, which means “harmonious compatibility” and “smart communication”.
Highlights The upper half of the outer layer of the environmental protection and energy saving pavilion is provided by solar panels as an energy source, and there is a rainwater collector inside to be used for recycling water.
Time Tunnel Macau has a 5-storey, 360-degree loopback theater called "Time Machine". The audience will take the escalator to the top of the stage and start a journey of time and space. On the way, the audience will watch a movie about 17 minutes, and together with a little girl from Macau, look for the lost jade rabbit lanterns and witness the development history of Macao for more than 400 years.

Taiwan Pavilion Venue Theme: Landscape Lights - Nature, Mind, City

Taiwan Pavilion

Appearance: Beautiful “Shanshui Heart Light” Building Appearance Image Ambassador: Artist Lin Zhiling and other 16 Goodwill Ambassadors Highlights Five Elements Concept The “Shanshui Heart Light” of the World Expo Taiwan Pavilion combines the “Five Elements” concept of Chinese traditional culture. When the visitor makes a wish under the lamp, the LED screen will display the wonderful image of the blessing sky lanterns.
Unique materials The stone used in the blessing station comes from the first peak in Taiwan, Yushan. The water in the inner and outer ring head pools is taken from the Sun Moon Lake and the Pacific Ocean. The clay used to burn the countertop tiles is from the town of Yingge, which has the reputation of “Taiwan Jingdezhen”.

Israel Pavilion Venue theme: Innovation, igniting a better life: Dialogue with natural history and future needs National Pavilion Day: May 6 Appearance: Israel Pavilion is called “Sea Shell” for its unique design
Highlights Jewish Wisdom Shanghai Life demonstrates the long history and cultural heritage of the Jews in 5770 through the form of “whispers”; using the most advanced technology to interpret the development process of Israel from “creation to innovation”, allowing visitors to see the modern Jewish Life, showing how an ancient nation can meet the challenges of the future through continuous innovation.
Microcapsules, human body roaming water technology, solar energy, satellites and micro-cameras, etc., showcase the high-tech that Israel has created and invented in the form of pictures and texts. The exhibit includes a mysterious "capsule", which is a miniature camera that can take pictures of the body after swallowing and complete a painless physical examination.

Japanese Pavilion Venue Theme: Heart and Skills, National Pavilion Day: June 12

Pedestrians pass by the Japanese pavilion

Appearance: Just like a huge purple silkworm baby squatting on the Huangpu River, the unique appearance looks like a living body.
Highlights "The pavilion that will breathe" This is a "breathing pavilion". The "groove" and "antenna" are the "mouth, ear, nostrils" and "finger" of the living body. The semi-circular large dome is lavender, like a huge silkworm cocoon, hence the name "Purple Silk Island". The Japan Pavilion is one of the largest pavilions in the National Pavilions of the Shanghai World Expo. It is also an unprecedented exhibition hall in the history of Japan's Expo. The exhibition hall is about 24 meters high and the exterior is silver-white. It is wrapped in an ultra-light “membrane structure” containing solar power generation devices to form a semi-circular large dome, like a “space fortress”.
The robot "musician" will sound the violin visitors will be able to experience the future of the technology, such as the world's first "Ultra Camera" equipped with ultra-high-definition and ultra-long-sight function, it can recognize the video while Automatically picking up after a smile; meeting the needs of an aging society, providing "care and medical assistance", "home help" partner robots, and robots that have skilled violin and bow skills to play the violin.

UAE Pavilion Venue Theme: The Power of Dreams National Pavilion Day: September 27 Appearance: It is like a red lips; it looks like a flowing sand dune.
Highlights Visit the UAE Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo. Visitors will have the opportunity to win the UAE Double Week Tour and even have the opportunity to stay in the world's most luxurious seven-star hotel, the "Sail Hotel."

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