The United States released new rules for LED lighting test procedures

The US led lighting tbt notification council mainly focused on the tbt notification of the recently released LED lamp test procedure in the United States. The test procedure specifies the method for measuring the lumen output, input power and relative spectral distribution of led lamps. In addition, a method of measuring the luminous flux maintenance rate of the LED light source is also specified to predict the rated life of the LED lamp.

It is understood that these regulations are closely related to LED lighting products, and the United States is one of the major export markets for LED lamps in China. In 2012, China’s exports of LED lamps to the United States reached 10 billion yuan. Once the US notified regulations are officially implemented, it will have a greater impact on China's LED industry.

At present, LED lighting has a small market share, but its longer service life and higher efficiency will increase its demand. The progress of led light source technology will also make them more energy efficient, brighter and more affordable. In addition, lighting manufacturers are also developing devices designed for LEDs to optimize their performance and make them mainstream products in lighting products.

The prospect of high-speed LED development in the United States is also attributed to the demand for energy-efficient lighting products in the Energy Independence and Safety Act of 2007: restrictions on the sale of incandescent lamps. These regulations will work to promote the demand for fluorescent, halogen, high-intensity discharge lighting and led light sources.

According to a research report by the US market research institute Freedonia, the demand for lighting fixtures in the United States is forecast to grow at a rate of 7.4% per year, and will reach $25 billion by 2016.

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