Special material for LED lamp cooling - soft silicone thermal pad

Heat dissipation is a key issue for LED lights, and before this is a heat transfer process is a key. The heat-conducting material used in the conventional heat-dissipating mode is a thermal grease. The thermal grease is economical in terms of cost, but there is a big problem in that it requires a large area to be applied, and it is impossible to apply evenly. The contact between the heat-dissipating copper plate and the heat sink or the metal bracket lamp and the metal casing, many LED lamp manufacturers now use the soft silicone thermal film provided by our company, which can be used for large-area laying, easy to operate. The thinnest is 0.5mm, the thickness can be Choice, 1.0mm, 1.5mm...5mm thickness, the thickest can reach 16mm, the compression touch is 20%-25%, can effectively transfer heat to the heat sink. More usage, information and test samples please Contact me!

In addition, the use of thermal silica gel is also a good choice. Our company is a professional manufacturer of independent research and development, production and sales of thermal interface materials. Now, in order to meet the requirements of domestic LED lighting industry, our company combines the relevant LED industry cooperation experience to understand the heat dissipation requirements and structural characteristics of LED lamps. Developed and produced LED thermal silica gel (model SP150) and put it on the market.

SP150 thermal silica gel has good thermal conductivity (thermal conductivity is 1.99w/mk), SP160 thermal conductivity is 2.75w/mk. Soft and high compression ratio, self-adhesive on the surface makes installation conditions easier, weather resistance and high pressure resistance are superior. Technical characteristics. After being used by relevant manufacturers in the industry, the heat transfer effect is obvious, reducing the internal temperature of the device for long-term operation, greatly improving the service life of the LED lamp, reducing the loss of photothermal energy, reducing the light attenuation to a certain range, and improving the performance of the LED lamp ( Such as life, lumens, ambient temperature, etc.).

At present, LED thermal silica gel is widely used in high-power LED lamps, ranging from 18W to 200W; such as: LED street lights, spotlights, floodlights, tunnel lights, buried lights, wall washers, dyed lights, etc. Wait.

Flame retardant fire performance meets U.L94V-0 requirements and complies with EU SGS environmental certification. The working temperature is generally between -50 ° C and 220 ° C.

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