Alfred Felder is the CEO of Rui Gaoxin

Since November 1, 2012, Alfred Felder (49) will serve as the new CEO of Tridonic. Alfred Felder has extensive and comprehensive knowledge of optoelectronic semiconductors and has worked with many cutting-edge talents in the electronics industry, accumulating decades of management experience. He has worked in Japan, China and the United States for many years.

Since 2003, he has held various management roles in OLED and OSRAM LED technology, including senior vice president of sales, responsible for the sales of Osram's global general lighting.

“Alfred Felder is delighted that we have hired an experienced technical expert and visionary president to lead our parts business,” said Odenburg Group CEO Harald Sommerer. “Based on his LED and OLED technology. The vast knowledge of the industry, the familiarity with the industry and leadership, will ensure that Tridonic will make a steady transition in the transition period of this technology update and move towards a better future. New CEO Alfred Felder, just after taking office Chief Operating Officer Gavin Brydon and Chief Financial Officer Werner Blum, who have convinced me that we have an outstanding team that will keep Sharp's performance growing.

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