Digital TV is moving towards high-definition solution providers to the front

Look at the European Cup, of course, look at high-definition television! “A fan of the European Cup competition said to reporters that the HDTV that the fan said is the most popular high-definition digital TV in the domestic market. According to reports, many cities in China are already promoting high-definition digital TV, while Beijing's high-definition digital TV users have more than 2.8 million.

Market analysts believe that the promotion of high-definition digital television services, especially in the context of triple play, will help promote further development of the industry, and related equipment vendors and digital TV software listed companies are expected to benefit.

High-definition digital television is the development trend It is reported that high-definition digital television is "high-definition television." Like digital television, it is currently the successor of traditional analog television. It uses digital signals from all stages of transmission, transmission and reception. High-definition digital television is the highest standard of digital television at present, providing the best video and audio effects.

Another great advantage of high-definition digital television is that it turns television from one-way transmission to two-way communication. Before traditional analog televisions, people can only passively wait for the TV stations to broadcast programs in front of the TV. With high-definition digital TVs, the “golden time” of traditional TV programs can be regulated by looking back or on demand. .

An industry analyst who declined to be named pointed out: “High-definition programming has become the core content of the video market. In the next few years, traditional analog TVs will inevitably be eliminated, and digital TV depends on the support of national policies and is the future of cable. An inevitable trend in the development of the television industry. High-definition digital television is the trend of digital TV in this general direction."

Earlier, the management proposed in the "12th Five-Year Plan for Digital Television and Digital Home Industry" that by 2015, the output value of the audiovisual industry, which is dominated by digital television and digital homes, will have doubled from 2010 to reach 2 trillion yuan. Yuan, exports amounted to 100 billion U.S. dollars.

The real HDTV is not only a high-definition television, but it can only be used as a display in the market. To watch high-definition TV programs, you must also have HD set-top boxes and high-definition television programs. The three are indispensable. Currently, most of the 42-inch LCD and plasma TVs on the market are high-definition televisions.

"Therefore, in the process of promoting high-definition television services, listed companies that produce related hardware equipment and software systems will be expected to benefit." Zheng Huan, an industry analyst at Huarong Securities, believes that.

The related company has a stable benefit period of four years. After the television station receives the program content, it needs to edit it, convert the analog signal into a digital signal, and then convert it into a high-definition digital signal. In this regard, a non-linear high-definition editing is required. System products. In this regard, we can focus on Jebsen shares." Zheng Heyou pointed out that "TV stations need corresponding hardware products and software when outputting signals, and users need digital TV conditional access systems when they receive programs. Digital video companies are doing better in listed companies."

According to public information, digital video is one of the major enterprises for digital TV and triple play. The most important product is the conditional access system. The digital TV software includes conditional access system CAS and cloud/color middleware. The company still maintains the market. The second place of occupancy.

The above-mentioned analysts who are unwilling to be named are recommended to pay attention to Daheng Technology. Its subsidiary, Zhongke Ocean, is a relatively well-known professional solution provider and service provider in the broadcasting and television industry. It is mainly engaged in the research, development, production, and integration of specialized broadcast equipment and related products. To provide customers with professional solutions and operation and maintenance services, its "broadcast television broadcast system will benefit from the conversion of SD to HD and the greater market brought about by triple play.


The above-mentioned analyst, who declined to be named, pointed out that “users need to install high-definition set-top boxes to receive high-definition digital TV programs. In this regard, we can focus on Tongzhou Electronics. ST Jinglun’s H-series cloud audio and video intelligent products and solutions also have With good performance."

According to the data, the function of the HD set-top box is not only to receive TV programs on the HD channels, but also to enjoy services such as online education and online payment through high-definition interactive television. One of Tongzhou Electronics' main business is the production and sales of cable digital set-top boxes and satellite set-top boxes. The products such as set-top boxes produced by the company occupy an important market position in the domestic market. In 2011, the company achieved an operating income of RMB 19,194.744 million. Currently, the company is promoting the production of 2 million high-definition digital set-top boxes annually.

ST Jinglun currently collaborates with several provincial and municipal broadcasters to achieve digital television signal reception and playback, including the signing of a cooperation framework agreement with Chutian Broadcasting and Television Information Network Co., Ltd. of Hubei Province on the "Digital TV + Internet Double "Cloud cloud audio and video intelligent machine" for business cooperation pilot. Relevant person in charge of ST Jinglun said in an interview earlier that Jinglun Electronics has matured video playback software and terminal product solutions.

Zheng Heyou said, "The next few years, high-definition digital television will maintain a steady growth. The current two-way transformation of the market has been completed about 60%, triple play will make the competition faster, with the current market stock and incremental situation Looking at it, it is expected that listed companies will enjoy a four-year benefit period."

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