AUO will focus on turning losses into profit AMOLED will be mass production in Q3

Recently, AUO said that the company's most important goal this year is to turn a profit. At present, the balance of supply and demand of panels has been relatively stable, and the prices of some products have been increasing, and the situation in the whole market is relatively stable. Entering the third quarter, it is hoped that the stable supply and demand situation will continue, and the panel price will also help. The market speculates that AUO's turnaround opportunity is greater in the third quarter. As for the international situation changes such as the European debt problem, AUO will also respond cautiously and continue to increase the proportion of new technologies and new products.

Among them, the AMOLED panel that is concerned by the outside world, AUO's small-size AMOLED panel is gradually produced in small quantities, but the difficulty of AMOLED learning curve is much higher than that of TFT-LCD liquid crystal panel, and it is in investment, technology, production difficulty and so on. It is also higher than TFT-LCD. It is expected that the more obvious shipments of AUO's small-size AMOLED panels will fall in the third quarter, and the shipments will continue to rise.

In terms of large-size AMOLED panels, AUO is also developing. Although the Korean factory is about to launch a 55-inch AMOLED panel in the second half of this year, the price of the first AMOLED TV with AMOLED panel is estimated to be $10,000. This is quite different from the LCD TV price of the general TFT-LCD panel, so it is estimated that the initial shipment of AMOLED TV will be very small. According to past experience, if the price of new technology products falls to 1.5 times the price difference with traditional products, it may be the point where the penetration rate accelerates.

AUO Chairman Lee Kuan Yew said that BenQ AU Group will continue to converge this year. Some companies are using existing core technologies to promote non-display applications. For example, LED vertical integration Dalong has actively invested in lighting. It is estimated that in about half a year, the proportion of lighting products in Ronda will exceed the proportion of display applications.

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