Give full play to the advantages of LED to give priority to the development of indoor lighting

Because LED has the characteristics of high light efficiency, small size and small single power, it has broad application prospects in energy-saving lighting. Indoor lighting mainly includes home lighting, office lighting, classrooms, workshops, shops, museums, exhibition halls, studios, and other special requirements for indoor lighting. In its broadest sense, it also includes lighting in transportation vehicles, airplanes, and ships. According to the requirements of the environment, we can not only carry out the scientific design of lighting, but also carry out rich artistic design. Only by giving full play to the advantages of LED, can we grow stronger and compete with traditional lighting in the field of traditional lighting!

1 LED features and advantages

The traditional light source that can compete with LEDs in terms of energy saving is only gas discharge lamps. The advantage of LED light sources is that the physical process of converting electrical energy into light energy is limited to the inside of the light-emitting device, that is, charged particles, free electrons and holes are bound. State, glows when compounded. The illuminating center is also inside the illuminator (LED device), and of course the light is accompanied by absorption and reflection losses from the inside of the illuminator. However, the gas discharge source is completely different, and the illuminating center is in free space. This requires that the electric energy is first used to emit electrons from the cathode, that is, the energy loss of the cathode region must be present, which is a common feature of the gas discharge source and also more loss than the LED. The reason for energy. However, the luminescence process caused by gas excitation and ionization generated by free electrons in free space is equivalent to the luminescence process of the LED. There is no strong self-absorption as inside the LED device, and no loss of light reflected from the surface of the solid material. However, the presence of the cathode region in gas discharge is one of the important reasons why LED light efficiency can surpass traditional light sources.

Due to the existence of the cathode region, the loss of the cathode region of the high-power long discharge tube accounts for a small total loss of power and a high luminous efficiency, whereas the light effect of the low-power discharge source is low. Furthermore, the emission spectrum of the gas discharge source is related to the gas pressure of the luminescent gas, and a certain vapor pressure must be ensured, in particular, the HID (High Intensity Discharge Source) lamp must maintain a suitably high temperature. Therefore, the gas discharge lamp is suitable for high power, and even a small volume is not afraid of heat.

LED light source As described above, the process of illuminating is inside the solid material, the density of the solid material is much higher than that of the gas, and the self-absorption is severe, and it is impossible for a single device to be too large in size. Moreover, because the volume is small, it is impossible to inject too much electric energy, otherwise the temperature will rise sharply, and the light conversion efficiency will decrease and the light efficiency will decrease. Therefore, the LED is suitable for low power, and the operating temperature of the device cannot be too high. Even if the LED light source can be grouped into a large power, it is costly, and the concentrated performance is in terms of cost and difficulty of use (heat dissipation).

The above is the starting point for us to consider the problem, that is, at the current level, high-power light source or large-area high-light-pass lighting should use gas discharge light source, and small-area lighting should be mainly LED. This principle should be used as an entry point for LED light sources to enter indoor lighting in the near future. As a result, the price of LED devices (especially domestic devices) has gradually increased and the price has gradually fallen to occupy the entire indoor lighting market.

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