Fujian's first 8-inch IC chip production line to open the LED industry chain will be formed in September

Fujian's first 8-inch IC (integrated circuit) chip production line has settled in Fuzhou Biomedical and Electromechanical Industrial Park, and will be officially built in September. The Fuzhou LED industrial chain will be formed.

The production line has a total investment of 3 billion yuan and covers an area of ​​331 acres. The project will be carried out in two phases. The first phase will invest 1 billion yuan and cover an area of ​​77.23 mu. After the project is put into production, it can form an annual production capacity of 240,000 pieces of 8-inch 0.25 micron to 0.35 micron IC chips.

The person in charge of the management committee of Fuzhou Jinshan Industrial Concentration Zone said that in addition to the 8-inch IC chip production line project, the Zhaoyuan Optoelectronics Project, which started at the end of last year, has completed a structure of about 11,500 square meters. Monthly trial production.

It is reported that the entry of Zhaoyuan Optoelectronics Project will lead to the introduction of a group of powerful LED downstream packaging and application products manufacturers, forming a relatively complete LED industry chain in Fuzhou. It is expected that more than 10 billion yuan of industrial output value will be formed in 2015, and the tax revenue will exceed 5 100 million yuan.

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