Application of ADS5294 in medical imaging

Texas Instruments (TI) announced the introduction of the industry's best noise performance and lowest power consumption of 80 MSPS, 8-channel 14-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC). The ADS5294 can support an optimal signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of 75.5 dBFS at 5 MHz, and its sampling rate is up to 80 MSPS, which can fully meet the designer's needs for high power efficiency and low cost design. The ADS5294 has high performance at 80 MSPS and can provide a minimum power consumption of 77 mW per channel. It also integrates a digital processing block, low-frequency noise suppression mode, and programmable input-to-output mapping. All of these features can help designers integrate more functions in smaller packages to develop smaller medical imaging systems.

Main features and advantages

Industry-leading low noise and low power consumption performance: ADS5294 provides the best SNR among similar products, which can help designers of high-density applications to increase the number of channels without increasing power consumption;

SNR is 75.5 dBFS at .5 MHz / 80 MSPS

SNR is 78.2 dBFS with .5 MHz and decimation filter enabled

SFDR of 84 dBc at .5 MHz / 80 MSPS

.77 MSW per channel at 80 MSPS (two LVDS lines per channel)

Low frequency noise suppression mode

The digital processing block integrates several common system functions, such as using 2, 4, or 8 filters to achieve dual-channel or 4-channel averaging or decimation functions;

Digital processing blocks can be used to greatly increase SNR and filter harmonics, while reducing the rate of output data in narrowband applications;

Two-wire LVDS interface: After adopting ADS5294, digital data can be output with single-wire or two-wire LVDS pins per channel, reducing the number of interface lines. This creates a two-wire interface and maintains a low serial data rate, allowing designers to use low-cost FPGAs; in addition to medical imaging systems, the ADS5294 can also bring the same to radar, communications, measurement testing, and other multi-channel data acquisition applications Advantage.

Available in a 12mm x 12mm, 80-pin QFP package.

Highly optimized analog products and full range of products for medical applications

ADS5294 is the latest member of TI's highly optimized analog products, designed to meet the needs of medical imaging systems and other medical applications. include:

1. Ultrasound: AFE58xx series analog front ends for ultrasound applications can provide AFE5801 and AFE5851 for handheld systems, AFE5805 and AFE5804 for portable to mid-range systems, and AFE5807 and AFE5808 for high-end ultrasound systems. TI TX810 T / R switches can complement each other's transmitters;

2. ECG / EEG: The front end of the ADS1298 series can bring the lowest power consumption and the highest integration for electrocardiogram (ECG), electroencephalogram (EEG) and other patient monitoring applications.

TI's full range of semiconductor products for medical applications, including embedded processors such as DSPs and MCUs, rich analog signal chains, power management, and wireless connectivity solutions, can help manufacturers accelerate the time-to-market of medical electronic products.

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