NFC technology-the next explosion in the medical industry

The storage and analysis of personal medical information is very important for the medical industry and patients. In the medical process, it is often necessary to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the patient's current physiological indicators and status combined with historical diagnosis and treatment data, so that the doctor can make accurate judgments and treatment. NFC devices can not only realize the fast and safe transmission of data between devices, but also integrate and intelligently analyze real-time collected data and patient historical diagnosis and treatment records through mobile interconnected devices, and realize automated and intelligent real-time diagnosis and treatment services. For example, embedding NFC chips in products such as blood glucose meters or band-aids monitors various important human life characteristics, not only understanding the patient's previous treatment status, but also querying patient-related cases, which promotes the intelligent management of medical information.

With the increasing penetration of smart phones and new innovative connected devices, mobile broadband networks and services continue to expand, and mobile terminals, especially mobile phones, will play a more important role in the healthcare industry. The doctor scans through the NFC mobile phone, the patient's relevant information is stored in the diagnosis and treatment database, and the patient's electronic medical record will also be fed back to the medical staff in a timely manner. Doctors transfer health care information to patients through NFC mobile phones, and patients can also transfer their information to medical staff through mobile phones. In this way, not only can the efficacy of a single patient be enhanced, but also a strong medical information database can be established. Therefore, the application of NFC technology will become the next explosion point in the medical industry.

At present, more and more mobile phones with embedded NFC chips are available, such as LGMiracle and the new Lumia. With the increasing popularity of mobile phone NFC applications, various mobile medical applications, such as smart prescription systems and personalized customized medical expert systems, will gradually enter our lives. Through the patient's personal electronic medical record card, the information of medical patrol can be realized. For ordinary people, a NFC mobile phone, combined with a variety of mobile medical applications, can achieve self-help for common diseases. Especially in rural areas where medical treatment is inconvenient or in areas with asymmetric medical resources, it is extremely convenient for people to seek medical treatment.

Especially with the integration of NFC, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies, more convenient data / voice transmission, pairing and interconnection between devices are realized, which will be more convenient to use and more beneficial to popularization. As the technology matures, the cost of products gradually declines, and ultimately promotes the popularization of mobile healthcare.

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