Quad-core processor lights up MWC2012, LG is the most eye-catching

Electronic enthusiast news [compilation / David]: South Korean electronics giant LG is currently releasing the world ’s first quad-core processor-based smartphone, which has taken the lead in the mobile world conference 2012 (MWC2012) compared with all other similar products MWC head gun this week.

LG's quad-core processor smartphone, LG OpTImus 4X HD, is driven by a 1.5GHz Nvidia Tegra 3 processor. At the same time, the phone's eye-catching 4.7-inch large screen is also a highlight, with a resolution of 1280x720. The quad-core phone uses the Android 4.0 operating system, which is Google's latest Ice Cream Sandwich mobile OS.

Quad-core processor lights up MWC2012, LG is the most eye-catching

LG may launch LG OpTImus 4X series quad-core smartphones. According to analysis, LG is likely to continue to expand the family of quad-core smartphones. Several other manufacturers also released similar quad-core related information at MWC2012 in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Last year, LG released the first quad-core smartphone-OpTImus 2x, but according to the company ’s recent information, the concept of quad-core has not contributed much to the sales of LG-related handheld mobile devices. LG ’s mobile phones in 2011 Shipments were hit hard, down 25%.

Like LG OpTImus 4X, many other quad-core smartphones on display at MWC also have a new version of Android OS, high-end cameras, high-definition displays and the same Nvidia Tegra3 chipset.

Quad-core processor lights up MWC2012, LG is the most eye-catching

"The quad-core processor provides a lot of faster performance for enhanced graphics expansion, such as high-definition video playback and high-end games, as well as the ability to support mobile phone multi-tasking when performing general client operations, and general operations are basically not affected much "IHS Mobile Media Analyst Daniel Gleeson pointed out," This will allow smartphones to create more and better user experience, as LG said "PC-like performance." This will accelerate the promotion of high-end smartphones similar The rapid disintegration of the product is like a handheld game, but unlike Sony, Apple and Microsoft products, LG locks in a more stable game content combination, which will help LG develop a different smartphone from other. "

According to analysis, the Android smartphone market revenue will reach 218% in 2012. Such strong growth will greatly advance the arrival of quad-core smartphones.

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