Safety issues brought by LED electronic display

On August 23, 2010, China's led enterprise experts fully developed a problem to explain the LED electronic display. It is a hot topic of national and social concern. As China's LED development industry continues to increase, LED displays in the streets and lanes of major cities are slowly increasing. In this respect, it can be reflected that the development speed of the LED industry is so fast. However, there is a question that has raised questions for the public. Is there any safety issue with these LED electronic displays? For example, traffic safety. If the brightness of the LED electronic display near the road is to be controlled, if the brightness is moderate, it can bring convenience to pedestrians and vehicles. However, if the LED electronic screen is too bright, the yellow line in the middle of the road in front of the road cannot be seen. Inadvertently rolled up the yellow line, there is the LED electronic screen in the department store, showing some more exciting movies at night, it was convenient for the customer's leisure time, but the pedestrians and vehicles passed there, unconsciously Slow down the speed or stop and look up for a while. As a result, when you are diligent, you will be scratched with other people's vehicles.

It is reported that the advertising law and the urban management department's management methods for outdoor advertising settings have not regulated the LED large-screen advertisements that have appeared in the past two years. The electronic display screen is not set on the road, but is placed on the building along the street, without touching the traffic regulations, the traffic police is also helpless. A traffic police on the road believes that the car headlights are only a moment of stimulation to the human eye, but the electronic display continuously stimulates your eyes. Don't look back soon, but traffic accidents often occur in a fraction of a second. He believes that the specification of the location and brightness of the outdoor electronic display should indeed be on the agenda.

For the LED electronic screen, it is the crystallization of social and technological progress, but according to the public's reflection, these safety hazards are indeed not to be underestimated. According to the relevant citizens, the electronic display screen is set to a certain angle, and there is a suitable height to allow only pedestrians. Appreciate, no need for the driver's attention, which not only beautifies the city, but also spreads the information, does not affect the driver's driving; LED display can automatically adjust the display grayscale according to the brightness of the sky, if these programs can reduce the occurrence of these accidents, these There will be some related policies, the outdoor full-color LED display, which can automatically adjust the gray level according to the brightness of the sky.

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