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Mountain spirit belongs to the old HI-FI manufacturers, with the progress of the era introduced a lot of portable player products, and fly proud, high-fidelity man three in the small portable Hi-Fi market has formed a tripartite momentum. Since the bosses of real men's homes are straightforward, I have not included the products of their families in the purchasing category, and I only know more about the product products of Feiaojia and Shanlingjia.

The two products have tit for tat in the high school and low grades. For example, the product line of Feiaojia is X3X5X7, while the product line of Shanlingjia is M2M3M5. If only speaking in terms of numbers, Feiaoo occupies a weak position. The advantages. But the above products have a very serious and difficult-to-fix bug for me. That's expensive.
As a born and self-confident fungus, spending around 2K on a device that can only play music on the go is indeed a relatively extravagant act. In fact, the positioning of portable players is also very embarrassing. With the street, it is difficult to make a choice between life safety and sound quality. At home, it is better to use speakers directly. As for sitting on a chair after work and smoking cigarettes to appreciate a person’s world, Oh, your wife told you to wash dishes you can’t hear, it’s serious.
So when I knew M1 crowdfunding, I placed an order for the first time. The crowdfunding page is below, and this crowdfunding has ended...

Receiving and harvesting

The crowdfunding of Shanling seems to be really crowdfunding. The project leader has been actively communicating with everyone on the crowdfunding page. The product plan has been changing all the time, so postponement has become a matter of course. I should have been the first to receive the goods, but it was on September 14th. Oh, then I was embarking on the journey to the Mid-Autumn Festival.
On the first day of resumption of work, I received the EMS parcel (E!M!S! Mountain Spirit, you dare to save some money), and when I first saw the sent from Jiangxi, I knew that M1 was handy. Say, while demolition, shoot:

This invitation letter, the above is the QQ group and WeChat group, to provide discussion (hook) on (take) the venue and urge the delivery function. The body is a 32GB Samsung memory card package (this will not explode regrets), because I bought the file with a memory card, very curious to not buy a card, then this invitation will be posted where

Why this picture was cut too tender because I took pictures of the sister's thigh on the opposite side of me...I am so kind and honest...

The open is like this, and then I pull it out and put a few self-righteous looks:

Randomly sent a leather case, grown into this:

One is a leather case and the other is an armband. From the perspective of the diameter of the armband, I think this is designed for children who are 16 years old. The person in charge of this project is called Shan Ling Lao Chen. At the moment, I would like to tell Lao Chen that I hope you can send your armband to be as big as your brain hole. This way, we, fat people, will not lead to joint end. Necrosis.

However, as a crowdfunding user, there are also a limited number of stickers:

Imitation carbon fiber stickers have been affixed to me, the effect is sauce style:

Also... make do.

Then I put these things on the floor and took a family photo:

Sticker students did not appear, fill in one:

So what is the quality of his voice? Don’t look so long!

Although the M1 is very small, it is very hard and it does not, the function is very full, support the Walkman mode and DAC, under the DAC I use the equipment (blush...) is AKG's K550, office artifacts, a good look at the sound insulation The audition song is Aunt Cai’s classic: “Drow Your Tenderness”. (Back, I'm going to install X!)
This song under the interpretation of M1, Tsai Chin's voice lost a lot of passion, a little more calm. As if to see a half old lady sings slowly in the wind, the vocal line is extremely clear, every transition is clear and visible, and people admire that simple era, not relying on all kinds of repairs, just relying on a golden dice. Make the month.
However, the DAC mode is a little bit of a pity that the random presented line is too short, the operation is very inconvenient, and as the DAC can not read and write flash memory card, I hope the follow-up version can add this feature. However, more sense of hearing will not be written. The vocal sound in the DAC mode is relatively clear. Generally speaking, listening to female voice is more appropriate.
The JVC FXZ200 is used as a direct-pushing headphone. It is a heavy bass-embedded plug. The audition of the small curls controlling the heavy rain during the "Terrorist Rogue 2" is very clear, but the degree of separation is not very clear, but the degree of separation is not High, sometimes changing the song will be mixed together, open the high gain, the sound will give power.
In addition M1 also supports Bluetooth APTX output, however I can not afford Bluetooth Headset with aptx receiver ... so I can not test.


The operation of the M1 is very simple and easy to understand. The person above the IQ line will understand it at a glance. Only the runner is pressed at 45°, not vertically, and it is slightly weird.


M1's head is very small, sound quality and volume control in a perfect balance, 600 or so is worth buying.

Above (installed X finished, thanks for watching)

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1.Material:The parts the wearer touches are not made of materials that can cause skin irritation
2.Structure:Smooth surface, no burr, no acute Angle and other defects that may cause eye and face discomfort.
It has good air permeability.
Adjustable parts and structural parts are easy to adjust and replace.
3.Package:The products are properly packaged and are accompanied by product certificates and instructions
4.fixing band : The minimum width of the headband in contact with the wearer is 11.5mm. The headband is adjustable, soft and durable
5.The appearance quality of the lens: the surface of the lens is smooth and free from scratches, ripples, bubbles, impurities, and other obvious defects that may impair vision
6.Diopter: 0.04D
7.The difference between the prism degrees of the left and right eye lenses: 0.12
8.Visible light transmission ratio: colorless transparent lens 89.35
9.Impact resistance: qualified
10.Protection performance of chemical fog drops: there is no color spot on the test paper within the center of the lens
11.Irritant gas protection performance: there is no color spot on the test paper within the center of the lens

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