"VR Ping Pong" depth evaluation: Zhang Jike is afraid of the game

As one of China's traditional strengths, table tennis has been deeply loved by the vast majority of the people of heaven. In the previous Rio Olympic Games, the Chinese delegation also undoubtedly won the gold medal for all projects. Many people satirized: This Olympic Games has not yet a high level of provincial sports games, no wonder "Emperor's Maverick" - Zhang Jike has been posing with a "cold" face.

Even playing table tennis is not good, what is the difference between salted fish and

There are two most important reasons why this sport can be loved by people. The first is that its competitive model is simple and it is easy to get started. The second is that the equipment requirements are not very high. As long as there is a table tennis table, two rackets can come to a game. Therefore, this sport of table tennis can have so many lovers. However, the busy modern society has led to a significant reduction in people’s movement time. If you really don't have time, but you really want to play ping-pong, the game "VR Ping Pong" must be for you.

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Xiao Bian has previously reviewed another ping-pong game called Ping Pong Tide VR. At that time, the game left a deep impression on Xiao Bian. Although the content is only a demo version, no matter what the capture of the swing movement or the sense of the ping-pong ball, the prototype of the excellent work has already been made. However, the simplicity of the AI ​​and the single mode make the playability of Ping Pong Tide VR greatly diminished. In comparison, "VR Ping Pong" is much more significant in content. Training mode, game mode, etc. everything. There are three levels in the training mode for players to choose. In addition, there are various small games for players to choose. For example, by playing the wall to earn a score challenge mode and so on. Playable enough. Xiao Bian recommends that all friends who have just started playing in this game first go to training mode to practice their hands.

There are no problems playing multiple rounds

The physics engine in the game does a great job. The trajectory of the ball and the feeling of the swing are all very authentic. Compared to other common grips, HTC Vive's unique stick handles give the player a real feel of holding a table tennis racket. When serving or returning the ball, the handle is accompanied by a hint of vibration to give the player a feedback, so that the player will have a real touch of the ball. The immersion of the game is very good. Xiao Bian has thought that he is really playing table tennis many times and wants to rest on the table. It was a game when the results just fell. (So ​​almost tragedy)

There is also such a mini game for practicing

The AI ​​setting of the game is excellent. As mentioned above, there are three difficulty levels in the training mode of the game, and the game mode will be stepped up. The AI ​​under simple difficulty is relatively simple, players can easily beat the computer as long as they are familiar with the operation. In difficult mode, the opponent's level rises very quickly. This difficulty span still requires a lot of players to adapt.

Will you be afraid of the ball?

However, in the actual play process, there are still some problems encountered. The most important issue is the space issue. Since the ping pong players are really playing, the venue is often not confined to the table. Sometimes you need to return the ball in the distance, this feeling is that the current VR game can not be simulated. Second, there will be some problems when returning the ball. If the opponent's call is closer to the player's body, the space problem is basically unable to return the ball. I often lose for no reason, let Xiaobian helpless. It is hoped that the developers will be able to improve some in the future version.

It's not so good to hit this distance.

There are still some other details. The first is on the serve. The game uses a single-handle tee setting. Just hold the serve button and throw the ball up. But for those who actually play ping-pong, this is really not a habit. It would be better if you could use another handle to simulate the serve. Followed by the game can not simulate arc spin and other special skills. Of course, this will not cause great problems for daily play. The last is the audience behind. Because the game background adopts a pixel style, the audience behind it is virtually useless. One of Xiao Bian's colleagues, a national table tennis player (professed), said: If you can sit behind beautiful girls, I will be 100 times stronger than I am now. Of course, the audience's problem is also different from person to person. It depends on the player's own judgment.

A gang of devils

As a VR sports game, its engineless performance is very good, and with the ultra high performance of the HTC Vive and the PC, the delay of the reaction is basically negligible, and the content is rich, and the playability is excellent. Players pass such a Games can experience true table tennis. Xiaobian is highly recommended to those friends who love to play table tennis but have no venue, and also hope that working dogs like Xiao Bian can stand up and exercise a lot and stay healthy!

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