Audi pushes VR test drive stunning 55-foot giant screen will be popular

The changes in mainstream cars over the past few years have been relatively rapid. The new car to be introduced today is a "computer" with four seats, equipped with sensors, display screens and remote data connections.

The picture shows the Audi R8 displayed at the 100th Los Angeles Auto Show

Some of these improvements can be seen as digital decorations. After all, playing music through the Android Auto system or the Carplay system is not a big development in Bluetooth. However, some of the automakers’ efforts, such as the recent advanced driver assistance system, can be said to make us take a step toward the automobile “driving” our world.

Audi talks about technological progress

Audi has been working with Oculus since 2013. As you might expect, VR plays an important role in this. The most prominent application is the completion of a virtual showroom. In fact, a static demo using Oculus and a generic version using HTC Vive have been disclosed. The configuration of Oculus is more mature, and this idea was first proposed for the European market because cars in Europe are classified more finely than in the United States.

Audi's next move

The Virtual Training Car ("virtual training vehicle") does not show any color in customer-facing applications, so Audi replaces it with the Virtual Engineering Terminal. This is a large 55-foot touch-screen desktop with a wall-mounted monitor. Audi models of different models can be placed on the touch screen, which will explain how these systems, such as traffic jam assistance and Audi's smart matrix LED headlights, work on the road.

Unfortunately, while the virtual engineering showroom looks extremely cool, the cost of these giant touch screens has determined that only three such screens can be created at the moment. Just like electronic consumer goods, this situation is bound to change, and fans will not be shocked when they see these devices appearing in public. They will appear first at the auto show and then at local dealers. Place.

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