Circuit board has strong rival market demand or impact

Circuit board appears strong opponent market demand or impact

According to Korean media ET News report, a few days ago the industry rumored that Apple's new smart phone iPhone 7 (tentatively) to be launched in the fall of 2016 will be equipped with a chip using FOWLP packaging technology, making the new iPhone thinner and lighter, and manufacturing costs lower. .

Previously, Apple decided to import the FOWLP package on the Antenna Switching Module (ASM). It is understood that Apple recently decided to import the FOWLP package on the processor (AP).

If so, Apple will be the first company to decide to adopt FOWLP packaging on the main parts of smart phones. The ASM chip is responsible for receiving signals of various frequencies and can provide a switching function. The mobile AP functions as a brain of a smart phone or a tablet PC.

The FOWLP package is one of the semiconductor packaging technologies. It can be directly packaged on a wafer without using a printed circuit board. Therefore, the production cost is low, and the thickness is thin and the heat dissipation function is better. Apple's decision to adopt this technology is nothing more than a desire to create a lighter, better-performing mobile phone at a lower cost.

Since Apple can sell hundreds of millions of iPhones a year, if FOWLP is adopted in the future, it will inevitably affect the market demand for printed circuit boards.

In the printed circuit board market, printed circuit boards for semiconductors are higher value added products. In 2015, the scale of the global semiconductor printed circuit board market was approximately US$8.4 billion, but in the face of the impact of new technology and Apple’s decision, it is difficult to maintain the same market size in the future.

The industry predicts that although only Apple has decided to adopt the FOWLP package on ASM and AP, the technology may be expanded to other parts in the future, and other companies may follow suit. Therefore, the shrinking of the printed circuit board market is only a matter of time.

According to KPCA (Korea Electronic Circuit Industry Association), the continuous development of semiconductor technology will inevitably affect the scale of the printed circuit board market. It is necessary to develop new markets for IoT or wearable devices as soon as possible to reduce the development of semiconductor technology. The impact came.

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