Iwasaki Electric and Teijin jointly developed outdoor LED lighting bulbs

Iwasaki Electric and Teijin have developed an E26-type outdoor LED lighting bulb that uses resin in the heat-dissipating part. A highly thermally conductive resin in which a polycarbonate resin is polymerized in a high thermal conductive carbon material "Raheama" developed by Teijin is used as a casing material. According to Iwasaki Electric and Teijin, the E26 LED lighting products made of resin are not the first in the world. Imagine replacing self-ballasted mercury lamps used in billboards and job sites, and plans to go public in 2010.

Raheama is a carbon material that conducts heat more than metal. The mercury lamp (about 1450lm) is used in the outer casing, and the power consumption is 18W, which is much smaller than the power consumption of the self-ballasted mercury lamp (168W). The light color includes 3000K and 6500K, and the average color rendering index (R) is 80 and 70 respectively. The life expectancy is about 40,000 hours (about 6000 hours from the ballast mercury lamp).


The housing is made of resin LED lighting products. The high thermal conductivity carbon material "Raheama" developed by Teijin was utilized.

The co-developed product is scheduled to be launched by Iwasaki Electric as "LED Eye Lamp" in 2010. Teijin plans to use Raiama to promote Raheama in the field of LEDs while supplying high thermal conductivity resin to Iwasaki Electric. Including the promotion of usage for other fields, Teijin will sell Raheama of hundreds of tons in 2015.

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