Taiwan factory Ruixuan first half of the revenue report

Taiyuan Ruixuan (2489) announced its semi-annual report. The revenue in the first half of the year reached NT$27.59 billion, and the net profit after tax was RMB870 million. The earnings per share were RMB1.14.

It is reported that Ruixuan currently has a total shipment of large-size flat-panel TVs of 77%. In total, the sales of flat-panel TVs in the first half of the year will be 1.6 million units. If LCD monitors are added to OEM customers, the sales volume will be about 1.8 million. The main customer is still the North American brand manufacturer VIZIO. This year, it will strengthen business development in emerging markets such as India and China, as well as in Australia, and seek business opportunities with local brand manufacturers.

Ruixuan estimates that this year's Q3 LCD TV shipments in a single quarter will reach more than 1 million units, and the quarter will increase by more than 10%. As for Q4's shipment performance, it is optimistic.

Ruixuan also said that the Suzhou Lexuan plant, which is a joint venture with LGD in the second half of the year, will play a comprehensive role. The follow-up will further deepen the cooperation relationship with LED upstream chips and packaging companies, and launch a full-size LED-backlit flat-panel TV.

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