LED industry supply and demand imbalance is still difficult

LED industry supply and demand imbalance is still difficult By the mainland LED factory in the second half of 2011 began a large number of expansion, the LED industry presents an oversupply dilemma, although slightly eased in 2012, but most LED factories in Taiwan continue to suffer losses. The current situation of oversupply in the short term is still unsolvable, and the LED industry also indicates that it is still difficult to turn profitability into profits in 2013. Therefore, various LED manufacturers will seek strategic alliances and consolidations to ensure orders and improve profitability.

From a horizontal point of view, including the crystal factory crystal integrated into the vast, round circle to seek Sanan Optoelectronic Union, etc., Defiance Alliance, Union Minmings and so on. After Jingye’s integration into Guangzhe, in addition to the MOCVD machine planned to expand to more than 300 units, it directly intensified the competitiveness of its crystal and electricity production capacity and consolidated its position as a leading manufacturer of crystal wafers. By the end of last year, through the introduction of crystal technology, Guangmao The interest rate has greatly improved by about 10 to 20 percentage points. It is estimated that Guangshen is expected to turn a profitable profit from the second half of this year, significantly reducing the losses in the crystal industry.

On the 3rd on the 3rd of the PBC meeting, the company will introduce Sanan Optoelectronics Funds through a private equity increase. Jianfeng Ren, the chairman of the company, stated that from the market side, Yuenyuan can obtain orders from more and more Chinese markets and export international markets through Sanan Photoelectric Aids and bailouts, and can also deploy Sanan Optoelectronics when the production capacity is insufficient. Capacity support; more importantly, after the cooperation between the two parties, the demand for raw materials (such as sapphire substrates) is the largest in the world, and it will have an advantage over bargaining, which will help reduce operating costs.

LED packaging plant Ai Feisen also chose to work with Simings, which is also a packaging plant, to expand the low- and medium-power lighting market from the main high-power lighting products of the original, and the production capacity of the two parties can also be allocated to each other. When the future generation of Defibense capacity is full or tight, it will also consider taking orders with Himins, which will benefit the development of both markets.

Optimistic about the future development of the LED market, there are also vertical integration of the industry and strategic alliances, including the merger of Lunda Power Alliance, BDO Runda into shares NVC lighting. Lunda and Wei Leng are the same as AUO. At the end of October last year, the PBC approved the merger. It is scheduled to be the base day for the merger on February 1 of this year. Chairman Su Feng is saying at the PMI that Lunda has a single dragon. The business strategy is for consideration, but SMD's manufacturing capacity is still insufficient. Therefore, the inclusion of PowerMart can make the entire manufacturing end of the Londa supply chain become complete.

While many companies in Taiwan sought breakthroughs through mergers and acquisitions, mainland companies are also actively seeking breakthroughs in the LED market. BDO Runda also announced in December last year that it will acquire 11.81% of NVC Lighting's share capital from IVC Investment Co., Ltd. for 950 million Hong Kong dollars. , In addition to the purchase of 8.24% from the market, BDO Runda holds a 20.05% stake in NVC lighting. Lu Shaoxu, an industrial analyst at PIDA, stated that BDO Runda's LED business is from the grain to the packaging, and it belongs to a one-stop production strategy, but they are still mainly on the manufacturing side of the light source. After this acquisition, BDO Runda goes further. Downstream brand channel integration, in order to expand the lighting market exports.

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