Wu Zongxian: LED is the last thing to do in my life.

Taiwan’s variety king Wu Zongxian passed the financial crisis, and the real estate under the name was successively auctioned and repaid by the court. He confided in Weibo this morning, hoping that everyone should not be disappointed with his future.

At 3:40 on January 18, Wu Zongxian felt that he had been entangled in Weibo. He wrote: "LED is the last thing to do in my life. Success and failure are not so important. What is important is: You can face the nightmare of yourself! The pain in front of you is painful but the time is a good medicine! Just I want to ask: I didn't let everyone down, but how can I doubt my future?"

After the microblog was issued, many netizens expressed their support.

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6. Strong in tension
Type 11KV 10KN 24KV 8KN 33KV 10KN
Rated Voltage,KV 11 24 33
Rated mechanical strength load,KN 10 8 10
Creepage distance,mm 300 770 900
Structure height,mm 210 312±15 375±15
Insulating distance,mm 142 215 307
Lightning impulse withstand voltage,KV 95 170 200
1 min wet power frequency withstand voltage,KV 38 75 90
Standard IEC61952 IEC61952 IEC61952

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