Youshang Group, a subsidiary of Dalian United Holdings, obtained the agent distribution agreement of Philips Greater China

Philips Lumileds and Friends of the Group jointly released on December 21, 2012, Philips officially authorized the Friends of the Group for its Greater China (including mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan) dealers, will inject new Philip Lumileds marketing system Energy and vitality provide a more complete service for our customers.

“Our new distribution partners will be fully integrated with Philips Lumileds products, services and personnel,” said Philip-Yves Lesaicherre, CEO of Philips Lumileds. “From now on, Yosun Group will be able to serve their customer base. Delivering the world's most comprehensive portfolio of LED applications and solutions for specific applications Philips Lumileds enriches the Yosun Group into our distribution system, further demonstrating our absolute commitment to supporting Asian customers' success. ”

For many years, Philips Lumileds has continued to focus on the development and application of LED products, and has invested a lot of resources to create a leading position in the LED industry today. Based on the coverage of expanding service customers, we have formally cooperated with Youshang Group to provide customers with more comprehensive technical support and services through the complete marketing service system in Greater China and the professional LED technology service team.

Youshang Group is affiliated to the United Nations Holding Group and has accumulated more than 30 years of service experience in the supply chain of electronic components. With an annual turnover of more than US$3 billion, it is a leader in the distribution industry. Taiwan has branches in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing, and has 16 first-level city offices and more than 700 marketing teams to provide near-end real-time service and support for customers.

Mr. Li Zhongping, Executive Vice President of Youshang Group, said, “I am very pleased to be a partner of Philips Lumileds. With the high quality and complete product range of Philips Lumileds, we have been supporting power, control, antistatic high pressure and heat treatment technology for many years. Experience will definitely create value for customers and meet customer needs."

LED has developed to the present, its high energy-saving and cost-effective performance has been determined to become the mainstream trend of the lighting industry. Philips Lumileds' LED performance not only meets the requirements of LM80 but also exceeds the requirements of relevant specifications. It is matched with the Lonworks International certified power carrier. The smart street lamp management solution will become the first choice and the best partner for customers around the world.

(This article is submitted by Youshang Group)

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