2012 will be the fastest growing time for LED street lamps

In the past, traditional street lamps were dominated by high-pressure sodium lamps or mercury lamps. However, due to the disadvantages of traditional light sources such as light decay, high power consumption, and short life span, they did not meet the global green energy ideal policy.

Therefore, under the policy of energy saving and emission reduction in various countries, coupled with the rapid increase in the luminous efficiency of LED light sources, the maximum luminous efficiency of the entire lamp exceeds 100 to 130 Lm/W, and the applied light efficiency has also exceeded 50 Lm/W, and its application on the road There has been a business opportunity, LED light sources will soon be applied to street lighting projects.

The “Ten Cities and Ten Thousand Fighters” projected to be promoted in the past has also been expanded to “Five Cities and Two Million Fists” for the gradual adoption of LED street lights. However, although China's street lamp market has been listed as a first-level promotion area by the LED industry, it is also the world's largest domestic market for LED street lamps. However, the road for the popularization of LED street lamps still has some time to go.

In general, LED street lamps belong to large-scale lighting fixtures. Before large-scale promotion, it takes a long time to actually test, but it also needs to determine the standards for improving feasibility. The exemplary LED installed from 2009 to 2011 was adopted. The streetlights are also almost ready for inspection. If the results and benefits can be achieved, the Chinese government will be more confident in promoting LED street lights into China’s first-tier cities in 2012. It will also be significant for LED street lighting applications. breakthrough.

LEDinside believes that the fastest time for LED street lamps to grow will be in 2012. In 2009, the Chinese government planned to promote pilot projects for LED street lights, and the policy was to lock-in pilot projects in 21 cities with a total target of 1 million baht. However, after the actual investigation, the actual installation rate of LED street lamps in 2009 reached a rate of less than 20%, which is quite different from the expected 1 million yen in the market.

The policy of the 50-City, two-million street-lights introduced from 2010 to 2012 is, as of July to July 2011, the total number of rough estimate installations is between 150,000 and 200,000 baht.

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