Motor start PTC thermistor

Motor start PTC thermistor Application principle

When starting the motor, it is necessary to overcome its own inertia, and also to overcome the reaction force of the load (such as the refrigerator compressor must overcome the reaction force of the refrigerant when starting), so the motor needs a larger current and torque when starting. When the rotation is normal, the required torque drops again in order to save energy. Add a set of auxiliary coils to the motor, only work at startup, it will open after normal. The PTC thermistor is connected in series with the start-up auxiliary coil. After the start-up, the PTC thermistor enters the high-impedance cut-off auxiliary coil, which can achieve this effect.

Use caution
1. A wide variety of such products are currently used at the Curie temperatures of 75°C, 85°C, and 105°C.

2. In addition to the specifications listed in the above table, PTC thermistors with different sizes, switch temperatures, resistance values ​​and withstand voltages can be designed according to user requirements.

3. PTC thermistors have obtained SGS test reports on the six toxic and harmful substances contained in ROHS.

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