The domestic market is still in the incubation period LED lighting products account for an absolute share of exports

The state has officially issued a plan to phase out incandescent lamps, which is considered to be another promoter of the opening of the LED domestic market. However, people in the industry said that at present, LED exports still account for the vast majority, and the large-scale application of the Chinese market remains variable.

The domestic LED market is gradually hitting the road map for eliminating incandescent lamps announced by the Development and Reform Commission. China will eliminate general lighting incandescent lamps in October 2016. This means that as the best alternative to incandescent lamps, the civilian market for LEDs is about to open.

In fact, the civilian market is only one of the segments of the LED market. Whether it is indoor lighting, road lighting and landscape lighting, the domestic LED market is fully opened up under the impetus of energy saving and emission reduction in recent years.

Yao Qiu, deputy general manager of Shenzhen Bangbel, who is engaged in road lighting, said: “The domestic market has become a new growth point for LED companies and this year it can increase by about 10%. It is expected that from the fourth quarter to the second half of next year, it will become a brewing period for the domestic market. ."

Although the country vigorously promotes the popularization of LED use, the era of large-scale application in China is still on the horizon. The biggest constraining factor is that the price of products is not accepted. "In addition to the price, there are still many uncertainties in the market such as insufficient hematopoietic function, high domestic sales costs, and local protectionism," said Yao Qiu.

Exports still account for an absolute share Although domestic LED companies are optimistic about the domestic market, LED products still account for the vast majority of exports. It is understood that the largest LED company in China is concentrated in Shenzhen, and 80%-90% of its products are exported.

Yao Qiu said: “The domestic market is still in the incubation period, and foreign markets are relatively mature.” It is understood that only in order to phase out incandescent lamps, Australia banned the use of incandescent lamps last year. The European Union, Canada, Japan and other countries are scheduled to Since 2012, the use of traditional wattage lamps has been banned. China has fallen behind these countries for several years.

The foreign demand is huge, and the export growth of LED products is strong. The data provided by the Global Market Group to the Yangcheng Evening News reporter shows that in recent years, the total LED export volume has maintained an annual growth rate of 100%, even under the influence of the European debt crisis, etc. Still can reach 60%-70%.

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