Super power! Apple Releases 32- and 37-inch TVs Next Year

Super power! Apple Releases 32- and 37-inch TVs Next Year Recently, according to DigiTimes, Apple is about to release its 32-inch and 37-inch TVs. The report said, "Apple's new product launch will be a complete TV set, not a set-top box like Apple TV released in 2006. At the same time, Apple will focus on 32-inch and 37-inch two specifications Apple TV." At the same time, sources from the South Korean side stated that Samsung Electronics has started manufacturing chips for TVs from Apple in November.

In addition, the report also said that Apple may launch the Apple TV in the second or third quarter of next year. At that time, Apple will release updated software for the current Apple TV set-top box.

The rumors about Apple's launch of Apple TV are long-standing. In his biography of Walter Isaacson, Steve Jobs mentioned that Jobs had prepared to launch Apple TV. Since the book was published, Apple TV has become the next Apple product that people expect. In 2012, it is worth looking forward to!

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