Energy-saving lamps should be considered before buying

“A decade ago, the ratio of production and sales of incandescent lamps and energy-saving lamps in China was about 7:1. Today, the ratio of the two is basically 1:1. Talking about the development direction and prospects of the Chinese lighting industry, this The group data should be very telling the problem." Liu Shengping, vice chairman of China Lighting Association, said in an interview.

Energy-saving lamps are just the right time

Relevant experts pointed out that lighting power saving is a breakthrough to solve the power shortage phenomenon in China. If the high-efficiency semiconductor illumination source can replace the current one-third of the ordinary electric light source in civil and public light sources, it can save about 100 billion kilowatts of electricity, equivalent to the full-scale power generation of the Three Gorges power station for one year. Therefore, whether it is from the national macro policy or the international environment, this industry has attracted more and more companies to join. Since 2002, the number of enterprises in the industry has been increasing, and it has reached more than 10,000. At the same time, the scale of the company is also expanding, with 20 companies with annual sales exceeding 1 billion yuan. The energy-saving lighting industry has ushered in a golden age of development.

Outside the wall

China is the world's largest producer of energy-saving lamps, but most of its products are exported abroad. The data shows that the proportion of energy-saving lamps used in households in China is only about 20%, which is lower than the international energy-saving lamps. The reason is that compared with incandescent lamps, the production technology and process of energy-saving lamps are relatively complicated, and the price of energy-saving lamps is even more than ten times. Therefore, this kind of "power saving does not save money" cycle will inevitably suppress consumers' purchasing enthusiasm in the market terminal, thus making the promotion of energy-saving lamps into paralysis.

At present, there are many unqualified products, which will cause early blackening during the use of energy-saving lamps. The illumination will be reduced and the service life will be shortened. Some can't be used for only a few hundred hours, usually it means “energy saving, no electricity, no festival. The phenomenon of electricity is not expensive, some experts suggest that when buying energy-saving lamps, do not enter the wrong zone, special support one or two.

Myth: Energy-saving lamps are expensive, easy to damage, and save money.

Phenomenon: Many consumers have had such problems: Buying energy-saving lamps to go home, electricity is saved, but it is easy to damage, sometimes it takes several light bulbs a month. The price of energy-saving lamps is higher than that of ordinary light bulbs, and the money for changing the light bulbs is not enough to save the electricity bill. As a result, consumers have complained that "energy-saving lamps" do not "saving money."

According to the introduction of lighting experts, the energy saving of energy-saving lamps is mainly reflected in two aspects:

(1) The energy saving lamp is higher than the ordinary tungsten lamp. One watt of energy-saving lamps can match five-watt tungsten lamps, and more than ten watts can be equivalent to more than 50 watts, depending on the different types of energy-saving lamps of different brands have different effects. High-power energy-saving lamps can save more power.

(2) Energy-saving lamps have less heat generation than tungsten lamps. In the case of a tungsten filament lamp, since the heat emitted by the tungsten lamp is much higher than that of the energy-saving lamp, the indoor temperature rises, and the temperature of the air conditioner is also lowered accordingly. The indoor temperature of the energy-saving lamp is much lower, so the saving of the air-conditioning fee also plays a role in power saving on the other side.

Expert advice: As for the often bad phenomenon of energy-saving lamps, it is due to the quality of the products and the improper use of consumers. Due to the unevenness of technology, some energy-saving lamps are easily damaged.

In addition, the use of energy-saving lamps should not be used in an environment that is too humid and the voltage is appropriate. A humid environment will have a certain impact on the life of the lamp, and the stability of the voltage will have the greatest impact on the life of the lamp. Consumers should pay attention to whether the entire circuit is at the same level as the energy-saving lamp purchased, otherwise it will cause damage. This problem is best consulted by experts when purchasing and installing.

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