LED alternative to traditional lighting fixtures trend analysis: xenon lamp

At present, xenon lamps are used in many construction sites and large factories and mines, high-rise factories, construction sites, exhibition halls, shopping malls, stadiums, etc., commercial lighting and gymnasiums. The main reason for the xenon lamps is the comparative advantage of optical parameters; the luminous efficiency can reach 75lm/W. Above, because the light color of the xenon lamp is very close to the sunlight, its color rendering index is very high, the color rendering index Ra>80 or more, high brightness, the xenon lamp has an elliptical shape, and the tubular shape and the spherical shape can meet the needs of different uses. .

Xenon lamps also have many disadvantages: because of the special nature of electronic rectifiers and light sources, the xenon lamp must be exchanged for two poles when it is working for several hours, otherwise one of the poles will turn black, and the working frequency required by the electronic rectifier is very high, otherwise it will A flickering occurs. In addition, if the working current of the xenon lamp is too large, it is easy to explode, because the temperature is too high in the working state of the high current, the quartz glass body is devitrified, and the strength is deteriorated, and the explosion occurs under the action of the atmospheric pressure inside the tube. Another is that the condenser is too close to the bulb. The condensing mirror is hit by the cracked fragments and the lamp body is inferior in strength after ignition. The bursting occurs. The author has a literary performance. It is said that the lighting engineer used 300W chandeliers and was abandoned for more than a month. He said that the reason is that the use of under-power usage has dropped dramatically. It is good to use 150W, 200W, 250W for chasing lights and shaking head computer lights. The domestic ones are all over 100 yuan, and even thousands of imported ones. The xenon lamp has excellent sharpness and the desktop effect is excellent. But the video is not good, it may be that the domestic xenon lamp can not reach the color of 85.

Led lamps are currently widely used and the development trend of future lighting, LED will not explode, because the LED's working current is small, the color rendering index is high, it is important that the LED is solid light does not produce harmful gases, no impact on the human body In the current replacement process, the magnification of the LED replacement xenon lamp is generally 1:1.5 or 1:2. The xenon lamp is gradually being replaced by the LED. The way the xenon lamp is ignited is to use a high-voltage arc after the firing of the gas. As the temperature increases, the gas pressure in the tube increases and the current needs to be large. Therefore, ballast current limiting must be added. The LED uses a cross-current constant voltage driving power supply to ensure the stability of the LED light source.

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