How to use infrared car engine lock

First, what is the structure and basic principle of the infrared car engine lock?

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A: The infrared car engine lock is also a kind of car alarm. Its scientific name is: ultra-compact car anti-theft system, and the product name is: infrared car engine lock. It is composed of four parts: remote control, infrared receiving window, decoding actuator (host) and smart relay. The remote controller is used to transmit an infrared cipher signal; the infrared receiving window is used to receive the infrared signal and convert it into an electrical signal, which is input to the decoding actuator (host); the decoding executor is used to decode the input signal (translated ) and comparison, if the input password signal is the same as the password set by the original owner, an execution command is issued to activate the external smart relay to release the car engine, and the car can be started. In short, the infrared car engine lock is an electronic device used to lock the car engine. It is controlled by an infrared signal, so it is called an infrared car engine lock.

Second, what are the basic functions of the infrared car engine lock?

A: It has the following main functions: (1) Infrared car engine lock password self-setting, 3 to 10 digits long code, high security; (2) Infrared car engine lock password, input error 5 times, Self-locking for 15 minutes, anti-thief trial code; (3) User-friendly design: Infrared car engine lock operation code is divided into main code and customer code, the two states can be switched, and there is a reset code, and the reset code can be used when forgetting the operation code. (4) with intelligent relay to improve reliability; (5) power-saving design of remote control, long standby time; (6) automatic alarm function; (7) car trunk can be changed to password safe; (8) Remote control can be universal; (9) anti-electronic decoding; (10) copy-protection password; (11) anti-stealing key, remote control car theft; (12) anti-electronic interference; (13) anti-removal host; (14) environmental protection Audible alarm.

Third, what is the reason for choosing the "Golden Steel Drill" infrared car engine lock?

A: To answer this question, first of all, we must first understand why? First, why is there a wide variety of products on the market, and all kinds of car alarms still cannot change the current situation of frequent car theft? According to the information disclosed by the Ministry of Public Security: Since 1996, the rate of car theft in China has increased by 26% year-on-year, and it has not been contained so far. The reason is not that these cars are not equipped with anti-theft devices, because according to statistics, the cars running on the roads are currently counted. 98% of them have installed car burglar alarms, some of which are equipped with the original car, and some are installed later, but now the car robbery is still endless, this can only explain a problem, that is, these car burglar alarms can not effectively burglar The role. Second, why are these car burglar alarms not effective against theft? According to the police's investigation and analysis of various car theft cases, the conclusion is: At present, all these car burglar alarms can not effectively prevent the five kinds of car stealing methods most commonly used by car thieves: 1. Using electronic decoders; 2, copy the password to copy the remote control and car keys; 3, directly steal the remote control and car keys; 4, the use of electronic jammers; 5, remove the car alarm host. After answering the above two reasons, then the reason why you should choose the "Golden Steel Drill" infrared car engine lock is clear. Because "Golden Steel Drill" infrared car engine lock is the only car anti-theft system at home and abroad that can effectively prevent the above five kinds of car theft means, it has anti-electronic decoding, anti-copy password, anti-stealing key car, anti-electronic Interference, anti-demolition host "three anti-two anti-" super anti-theft performance, this is the main reason to choose it. Secondly, it can transform the trunk of a car into a password safe, which can store valuables safely. This is also a big selling point. Third, the “Golden Steel Drill” infrared car engine lock has a series of humanized advantages: if the password can be set by the user and changed by himself; the remote control can be used universally, and then one can be used after being lost, without having to go to special maintenance. Point code; with environmental protection alarm function. These are all tempting reasons to attract users to buy.

4. Why does the “Golden Steel Drill” car engine lock have the performance of “three anti-secondary”?

A: This is a more professional issue. First, because it uses infrared rays to transmit signals, it has the characteristics of straight-line propagation, plus the small transmission power, and it is operated in close proximity in the cab, so the signal cannot be intercepted and decoded by the electronic decoder, and its host It can only receive signals, and it is never possible to extract signals backwards. It is also a stand-alone system, which ensures that it has anti-electronic decoding performance. Second, since its remote control operation ends, the password signal temporarily stored therein will be automatically cleared, so it is impossible to copy the password from the remote controller. Third, since each time you start the car, you must first enter the password originally set by the owner, and the thief does not know the password, even if you steal the car key or the remote control, it is vain. Fourth, the infrared itself has the property of resisting electronic interference. Fifth, the system is equipped with a smart relay, which has a memory function and does not change the working state because the host is removed. Therefore, the "Golden Steel Drill" infrared car engine lock has the super anti-theft performance of "three anti-secondary".

5. What is the difference between the “Golden Steel Drill” infrared car engine lock and other car alarms?

A: It is mainly reflected in its unique "three anti-secondary" super-anti-theft function. It is the only car anti-theft device in the true sense. Its biggest feature is that it can lock your car engine when you park. As long as the thief doesn't know the password you set, you can't drive the car away. It is a veritable "stolen car terminator."

Sixth, what is the "three anti-secondary" function?

A: Three defenses: anti-electronic decoding, anti-copy password, anti-stealing key and remote control car theft; second resistance: anti-electronic interference, anti-demolition host.

Seven, why is the price of infrared car engine locks so high?

A: It is a high-tech high-end product. It is an international first product developed by Fuzhou Changshenghui Electronic Technology Development Co., Ltd. under the guidance of the US International Police Foundation, using 7 international and national patents and investing huge research and development expenses. The product won the 2004 China Patent Product Gold Award and received strong technical support from Texas Instruments, an internationally renowned electronic device manufacturer, to ensure the high quality of the products. At the same time, because it can not only protect the car from being stolen, but also transform the trunk of the car into a password safe, so that the valuables stored therein are not easily stolen. The value of this function of light is more than a thousand dollars.

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