Thinking about the design of blue LED light engine

LED lighting market calls for LED light engine
The rapid development of LED lighting, thousands of horses and horses to join, almost every day in the world, new companies are born, especially the massive market of indoor lighting, forcing traditional lighting companies to test water. LED lighting is an electronic product. It not only needs the structure and outer casing like traditional lamps, but also must be given various series and parallel matrix LED light source panels, AC/DC constant current driving power supply, aluminum or ceramics. Manufacturers of LED lighting fixtures need to hire electronic, optical, structural design engineers; traditional lighting fixtures are just an electrical product. Traditional lighting manufacturers mainly design and produce structural shapes of lamps, and light sources----bulbs It is a general-purpose piece that can be used by a professional factory.
The current LED lighting fixtures are designed in a variety of ways, which brings inconvenience to production, use and industrial management, especially from the transformation of traditional lighting fixtures to LED lighting fixtures, or the initials of the LED lighting industry. Do not know what to do, how to start? In order to reduce risks and costs, the industry that has just entered the LED lighting fixtures can only assemble from ready-made LED light source panels, AC/DC constant current drive power supplies, and aluminum or ceramic heat sinks. Many owners of traditional lighting fixtures hope to save as much as buying a light bulb. Buy a ready-made module of "LED light source + AC / DC constant current drive power" and put it into the housing of its traditional lamp to turn it into a gorgeous one. New LED lighting fixtures. Now the dream can come true. The LED light source and the AC/DC constant current drive power supply integrated module--LED light engine have been born and can be mass-produced. Traditional lighting fixtures and new LED lighting companies can easily use LED light engines for mass production of new LED lighting fixtures, thus accelerating the process from new product design to mass production, greatly shortening the new product development cycle. . The LED lighting market calls for the early birth of LED light engines and enters the lighting market as soon as possible.
ZHAGA Alliance
Today, one of the challenges faced by LED lighting luminaire designers and users is that there is no standardized interface between the light source and the drive circuit. The ZHAGA Alliance in Europe has launched an industry-wide initiative to standardize LED light engine development standards. The LED light engine is an LED module with a defined interface that is independent of the type of LED technology used inside the light engine.
In fact, in early February 2010, nine global lighting industry giants including Cooper Lighting, Osram, Panasonic, Philips, Toshiba, etc. announced that they would launch a cooperative organization, the ZHAGA Alliance, which currently has 25 companies. .
The products produced by the manufacturer are interchangeable. In order to cope with the continuous and high-speed development of LED technology, by defining various dedicated light engine interface interfaces, the ZHAGA standard will cover the physical dimensions, as well as the optical, electrical and thermal performance of the LED light engine, and ultimately achieve different manufacturing within the ZHAGA Alliance. Product compatibility and interchangeability between businesses.
The establishment of the ZHAGA standard will help prevent the market differentiation of incompatible light engines, enabling consumers to choose and purchase compatible LED lighting products on the market, while continuing to enjoy the products provided by LED lighting technology. Performance upgrades. In addition, the establishment of the ZHAGA standard will also promote innovation in the field of LED lighting applications and enhance the overall economic benefits of society. The ZHAGA Alliance is an open organization where members can share their IPR intellectual property rights and open up companies in the lighting industry. Members of the organization include manufacturers of LED light engines and LED luminaires, as well as component suppliers such as heat sinks and optical components.
The ZHAGA Alliance promotes the LED Light Engine interface interface standard as shown in Figure 1.
Figure 1 ZHAGA Alliance pushes LED light engine interface interface standard
LED light engine
Most of the LED light engines currently available are white light LEDs, such as Osram's PrevaLED core light engine, with an output lumen of 800 - 3,000 lm, color temperature of 3,000 K - 4,000 K, CRI color rendering index > 90, viewing angle width > 130 °, system efficiency up to 75 lm / W (Figure 2). Its application and installation of the heat sink is very simple and convenient, as shown in Figure 3.
Figure 2 PrevaLED core light engine
Figure 3 application installation is very simple

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