Leading the trend of 3D printing technology in 2015

For 3D printing technology, 2014 is a year of rapid development. In this area, there are more money, more companies and more creative ideas than ever before. In the field of 3D printing, we have found that no less than 50 new companies are raising funds, which does not include more than 40 projects on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. It can be expected that these activities will lead to the leapfrog development of 3D printing technology in 2015, and we predict its five major trends:

1. Better, faster, cheaper

Entrepreneurs are moving into 3D printing from all angles, even though it is a new technology that can print, scan, create and share 3D content. To date, 3D printing has focused on manufacturing consumer machines. However, compared with the traditional method, 3D printing lacks precision, is difficult to form scale, and material selection is quite demanding. However, the cost of 3D printing is rapidly declining, and competitors are pushing the technology to improve, making it easier to use and more powerful. Because of the large number of companies engaged in 3D printing and the lack of killer applications, start-ups must be very difficult to start a business, but consumers should benefit from it.

Leading the trend of 3D printing technology in 2015

Prospects: Functional materials are on the market, and with more advanced 3D printing technology, we are likely to see more powerful desktops coming out in 2015. Many start-ups are also climbing the top of the value chain to create faster, lower-cost industrial machines. Commercial users are particularly interested in metal printers, and I predict that more cheap 3D printing technology will be seen in 2015.

2.3D printing field mergers and acquisitions increased

In order to continue to maintain its leading position in the fast-growing 3D printing field, 3D Systems and Stratasys, the current 3D printing company, are implementing a simple strategy: either to acquire new start-ups or to reject them outside the industry. We have seen Stratasys merge with Objet and acquire MakerBot Industries; 3D Systems sues the startup, Formlabs. These tactics may be counterproductive, making integration mergers more difficult. In the past three years, nearly 50 companies have been acquired in the 3D printing field. In the last quarter, 3D Systems and Stratasys' stock market performance was not ideal, which greatly affected the acquisition of the two companies. Due to the expiration of the patent, the printer giant Hewlett-Packard announced its entry into the field of 3D printing. Coupled with the accumulated efforts of countless start-ups, the company that was once protected in the 3D printing field began to decline sharply.

Forecast: The current 3D printing company can't play as much power as before. As development slows, they need to accelerate the development of new innovations and provide consumers with better, cheaper solutions to drive the rapid marketization of 3D printing technology. The key aspects that can be improved are: print speed and material price.

The rise of the 3.3D model

Many companies have begun to try to print in-store 3D models to a limited extent, allowing you to continuously capture your half-length or full-body photos and then use them to build statues. For example, US President Barack Obama used 3D printing technology to print the head statue.

Prospects: With the increasing number of simple 3D scanning devices and software, their prices are getting cheaper and cheaper, and eventually portable 3D capture facilities may emerge. It is expected that more 3D printing technology will show significant progress in 2015, so don't be surprised when you see your 3D model on your own wedding. Of course, if you don't want to print your own statue, you can also display digital 3D photos at the best angle. More importantly, these same scanning and capture tools are the basis for mass customization, and the company can customize individual products for each customer.

4. Print weapons

Anything is possible to develop. Transforming a real gun with a robotic glue gun is clearly not the most effective way to make a weapon, but it is enough to sensation the world. Cody Wilson, the protagonist of Netflix's documentary Print the Legend and a gun-powered activist, has unfortunately encouraged many imitators.

Prospects: After more guns and grenades are printed, regulators are increasingly worried that 3D printer technology will become the ultimate tool for anarchists.

5. Medical miracle

The most promising applications for 3D printing are in the medical field, and even at higher prices are acceptable, personal customization is very important. In today's medical world, Align Technologies, the world's largest 3D printing technology user, is rarely known. This company is the maker of the Invisalign system.

Prospects: We have seen successful surgery for skulls, face implants, and low-cost tracheal repairs, but I think there will be more good ideas in 2015. Although there is still a long way to go to print a full-function organ, it is a good idea to provide a personalized solution for individual patients. In addition, with these powerful 3D printing tools, practitioners will feel more comfortable and gain more experience.

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