Toshiba Introduces Industry's First HDMI to MIPI DSI Converter IC

21ic Toshiba Corporation announced the industry's first 1 high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI®) to MIPI® display serial interface (DSI) bridge integrated circuit "TC358779XBG" for consumer and industrial applications with small LCD displays. Samples of the product are available now and are scheduled for mass production in December this year.

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The “TC358779XBG” converts the HDMI® video input and outputs it as an MIPI® DSI video stream. This will drive the adoption of MIPI®-compliant small LCD displays in gaming accessories, wearable computers and head-mounted applications.

The product also incorporates video pre-processing capabilities - video deinterlacing, scaling and format conversion - and supports multiple audio interfaces including I2S, TDM, S/PDIF and MIPI® serial low-power inter-chip media buses (SLIMbus) ®) Audio format.

New product main features

1. The industry's first device to convert HDMI® video inputs and output them as MIPI® DSI video streams.

2. Integrated video deinterlacing, scaling and format conversion to help reduce the memory bandwidth and video processing requirements of the main processor.

3. HDMI® 1.4 RX support

- Up to 1080P @ 60fps video format (RGB, YCbCr444: 24-bpp, YCbCr422 24-bpp)

- HDCP 1.3

- 3D support

4. Supports any of the four audio interfaces I2S, TDM, SPDIF or SLIMbus®

5. Up to 1Gbps/channel connection speed MIPI® DSI interface

6. Up to 165MHz clock speed HDMI® interface


A range of consumer and industrial applications, including mobile devices, digital cameras and game accessories, head-mounted products, and other wearable computers.

Toshiba Introduces Industry's First HDMI to MIPI DSI Converter IC

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