Advertisers like this LED display!

The outdoor LED screen is an ideal replacement for canvas advertising and light box advertising. So what kind of LED display is the favorite of outdoor media?

First, high resolution, high resolution can make high-quality advertising images have the possibility of display;

Second, the high refresh rate, the high refresh rate of the display screen can make the camera and camera have no defects such as black lines and color blocks when shooting, and the picture is more stable;

Third, high brightness, the outdoor environment requires higher brightness, especially adjustable brightness;

Fourth, high gray level, higher gray level can make the color of the display screen even, the image is more delicate, with high resolution, in order to make the display screen show high quality picture;

Fifth, high contrast is one of the necessary conditions for high quality screen, otherwise the high gray level of the display screen should not be displayed;

Sixth, white balance, restore the true picture color is the role of white balance, directly affecting the advertising effect;

Seventh, a large viewing angle, the viewing angle covered by the outdoor display screen, the advertisers hope to be able to clearly and accurately view the original picture, and the pursuit of a large viewing angle is an inevitable requirement;

Eighth, uniformity, it is also a necessary condition for a good screen, depending on the quality of the lighting tube, the design level of the display screen, the production process level, the correction level, the installation level and other links.

With the two advantages of high arrival rate and low cost, outdoor media has become the fastest growing advertising media in recent years. Especially in first-tier cities, outdoor LED displays have become the new darling of advertisers. In the commercial center of the city, outdoor LED displays are everywhere; although with the gradual saturation of the first-tier cities, more LED displays are stationed in second- and third-tier cities. , once again set off the outdoor LED boom. Therefore, manufacturers must win the favor of advertisers to provide high-quality LED display that can meet the needs of advertisers.

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