Smart home networking standard dispute WiFi or Bluetooth?

Wireless technology is closely related to our lives, and it penetrates into every aspect of the day, bringing great convenience. Even in the smart home field, wireless technology is also the main means of connecting smart homes and mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets in our hands. Among them, Bluetooth and WiFi are the two most well-known connections.

In the field of short-range wireless communication, Bluetooth and WiFi are a pair of homes. In the field of smart home, the war between these two small partners is still spreading, like a sadomasochism.


Talking about WiFi, you will definitely not be unfamiliar. It is the most widely used short-range wireless communication technology in the world, and it is also the most popular type of network connection. Generally, the current family will basically lay a wireless network to use mobile in their hands. equipment.

The battle for smart home networking standards WiFi or Bluetooth?

Look, it has WiFi!

The advantage of WiFi is that the transmission speed is fast, it can reach 11mbps; the coverage is wide, and the radius is up to 100 meters. In our common home smart hardware, such as TV boxes, speakers, etc., this connection method is mainly because of its fast speed transmission. In addition, some lighting systems, sockets, etc. are also used for WiFi connections. For example, we can connect smart home devices via WiFi to control the smart light bulb to adjust the light and darkness, and control the opening and closing of the door and appliances. These features are made possible by the use of WiFi in remote control and intelligent remote control.

The battle for smart home networking standards WiFi or Bluetooth?

WiFi suitable for remote control

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